A highlight from Long Drives


About everything. I'm one of your hosts. Tom and i'm tim tim. You looked startled by me. Starting the show you see screamed into the microphone. Yeah you scared me oh ball. I apologize for that. How're you doing a little more spirited than than wow candy being excited about doing the show. Tim sorry thom i. Actually i take that back. I refuse to apologize Taking a stand digging in your heels. I respect that qualifies once. The full investigation is over and i've been cleared of any wrongdoing. That's what you're going to apologize if if necessarily been cleared wait. No i'm knocking politic. Because then that's gonna be that's gonna implicate me. yeah no almost. Had you feeling a little out of sorts this week if you must know i can see that because i'm looking at you and you're in a physical a different physical space than normal. Oh yeah i thought you were going to say. Look terrible yeah. I've been in an air bed and breakfast in my home state tom. I've been a completely different state while that make sense. Why would you stay in one. In new york's pretty big state. I take it back. Stayed in an airbnb in new york state. that's true guilty. A star and i need him. You don't have to wait for the investigation to finish on that one.

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