Why Wendy Weiss Is The Queen Of Cold Calling



Wendy welcome to the show again. Well thank you for inviting me to be here. Yeah it's been a number of years trying to think back to. I think it's been three or something like that. So yeah yeah so your new york and merle. Last time we talked you really interesting background. Mature like a professional dancer Yes actually my first career was dancing in a ballet company. And i believe that everything that i know in life and business. I learned in ballet class all right now. You can't just run by that. Let's so what are these these things. Let's start with the life. We'll go to sales after that. Well it's it's very. It's really very similar. What i learned in ballet class was warm up. rehearse perform. That's what i learned in ballet class because when you are a dancer take expat ten years to train a ballet dancer and you take a ballet class every single day five or six days a week and when you're training you take two three four classes a day and you do the same thing over and over and over again and that you learn your technique you learn your craft when you have a performance coming up you don't just run out on stage and start dancing practice were first and then and only then after you have trained in you have learned your craft and you have rehearsed then you perform. I think that it is true. It is a life lesson and it is also a business in sales lesson because unfortunately when it comes to sales so many people just start with the performance. They're just winging it on stage and they're making it up as they go along and unfortunately that's why it doesn't work for them

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