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Asian, Not Asian


So thank you ryan Tell us what you do for a living. Because i don't know how big energy big podcasts energy right here is crazy. Then the three. The three newest members are this person didn't give a last name but she. Her name is trish. Dr h which is typically. An irish name is it. But i feel tricia. Maybe trish irish person told me. Is that irish. Or is that british close. They used to be worn originally briggs. That happened oh well what's that. What's that what's that terrorist group called. Ira irish republican army. Hey oh shit. I can't say that they're to shoot me. They don't those guys don't cancel. They just shade bomber. Yeah up in the morning to ya. Terrorists association gabrielle. Fairer h. i f. e. r. e. r. That is spanish but we know that when a sound spanish they are in fact filipino. Thing i feel this is almost like argentinian. Like i want to say this. I sound american really. Okay which country though you gotta you gotta pick one. I'm to say argentine. Why not argentinian asian. Thank you so much money. And lastly we have cameron son. Becker was this. The dude who was who was who was at the hang last night. That was another guy. I don't know. I don't know i really don't know. I mean sun s. u. n. That sounds kind of korean. I had a friend named son. What could be. That could be a korean. That's a korean name this is. This is a half half korean. Half white person cameras. You're so we're so good at this game got. We're so good at this game. This guy has a six pack scheuer so sure. And humanist money thank you thank you for your money and again if you want us to guess your ethnicity by your last name. A very problematic game please go to patriot dot com slash asian. Not asian pod and. Give us your money and we'll do that. This week's theme what i want to discuss. Is this starting from the bottom. Now we're here asian. This is a little thing. I want to talk about the topic okay. Recently i was watching. I really got does anime. I know talk about anime. A lot on here usually get into the anime called my hero academia. Okay very popular enemy. If you're talking about your fucking loser okay. It's so popular right now and the not just bringing up because i like it. I feel that it's very relevant to my life right now. Basically the the premise of the show is that it's a parallel universe. It's like earth in the future where like ninety percent of the people on the planet are born with mutations kinda like x. men like the pyro kinetics or they can control water or whatever it is but it gets a little crazy like people have like exhaust pipes in their in their Thighs so they can like run faster and shit. It's a little while. Yeah it's crazy and so and because of that becoming a superhero is an actual profession. You can go to school and they have like different offices like you can apply to be a superhero work for different companies. Like a world where there's villains and you can you can get paid to be a professional hero and the main character deco. And all he wants since he was a kid is to be a superhero. But when he's like seven he finds out from his doctor that he is part of the ten percent of the population. Who in the in the in the enemy. They cork list like he doesn't have a cork and so therefore he can never be by definition. He can never be a superhero. This thing. we wanted to be his entire life. Got and then. The story is about him ultimately becoming a superhero despite the fact he has no superpower. And some you know what. I'm gonna get a little email right now. I feel that way in comedy. Sometimes i feel that wouldn't comedy do you like you have no powers or talent. I have no starpower. Like i have zero starpower and all my friends are like blasting energy balls from their fists and fuck in overdoing flying and levitating and turning into dragons. Know and i'm just like a straight asian guy with corks comedian there. You're saying you're you're power. I would say if anything is making spreadsheets. That's really your things you have little spread too. Many i don't know why i i used to do. You're like you're really organized. And then. I flew me so organized. That'd be organizers. The same and then i would go now. I go into dropbox folder and there are so many folders in there. Just a mess of folders us like you're like you know what i don't know i can't think of a joke right now. Someone make another folder for that. There's so many folders. I get it the do when i when i'm not creative. I make folders and drop. That's kind of crazy your organization. Yeah yeah yeah and the reason. I bring it up is because this is the first. I'm talking about it on the podcast. Which i think about how to talk about but i recently got a job. I got a real comedy writing. Job with james corden and which is like you know a pretty big deal for me for me personally. Just because like when i first started i never imagined i could get a gigabyte this and clear. You are a writer on the show. That's what we mean. Yeah yeah. I'm not like a janitor. Could be because you could be a writer for james corden and you're just like i'm just doing one of his side things you know you're a on what is the name. Is that the late late show. I'm writing his monologue jokes and there's a bunch of us and then also coming up with game ideas that he can play with guests inspire congrats. Thank you but like even so. Like i'm like with these professional writers now and even when i'm when even when i have the job and i'm like in the fucking room i still feel korkolis because the thing with deco. He eventually gets into a school where they train professional heroes. Yeah any still feels. 'cause likes he comes into some sort of power by weird thing that happens which i don't wanna spoil for anybody. But he gets into the school for superheroes the best one and he's still he still feels like he doesn't belong there. You know what i mean. Yeah and i feel like i. i don't know i just i just. I just relate really hard to this fifteen year old. Fake japanese boy. I feel this is just like a cool way of doing first of all. I love you for animates yet. You had me at academia okay. You know how much i love you know how much school. I'm thinking about getting a master's degree in history. I love school. So as soon as you said academia. I was like yes some in schools in school. Is there an answer. yes. I'm in. So i love that and i love the idea that because what this is this is done of just.

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