Extra innings. The closer came in for the Marlins.


McGee had only allowed one hit this year before today, and the first two batteries had base hits against him. And then there was another basic by Alfaro. And suddenly it was 5 to 4 giants and there was still nobody out. He got the next two hitters out before his starting Marty had a single out of the reach of Brandon Crawford. It was ah hard ground ball to the left of random. But not playable for him, and that drove in the tying run. So a blown save for Jake McGee, who also had to throw 35 pitches in just a marathon inning, giving up two runs and four hits. And so we went into Extra innings. The closer came in for the Marlins. Yumi Garcia and Garcia, of course, had do it. Inherited runner at second base that the 10th inning rule that's been imposed during the pandemic. So Austin Slater, a fast runner was the runner at second base, and Donovan Solano was the hitter. And so a lot of ripped a single to center field. But Slater, halfway to 30 stopped turned around completely looked out to the outfield and then resumed and he was not able to score. So they had runners at 1st and 3rd with nobody out and to the top of the order with the pitcher's spot had been Giants, however, had used all of their hitters on the bench. All six of them and so Anthony de Sclafani was set up as the pinch hitter for Jake McGee. He laid down a bunt. But Alfaro, the catcher for the models, who has got one of the best arms of any catcher in the game, He threw out Solano. It's second base with Slater having to hold at third. So now it was D Sclafani it first and Solano and a rather Slater at third with the one out you Stransky was next he struck out So two down. The Giants were one out away from not scoring in the 10th inning, but Brandon Belt had a different idea Felt who homered in

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