Michael Jordan to Present Kobe Bryant at Posthumous Hall of Fame Induction

Mason & Ireland


Naismith memorial basketball hall of fame has announced its list of holidays were scheduled to present the twenty. Twenty class of honorees Kobe bryant is the most notable name going into the hall of fame this year and as expected michael jordan will present kobe bryant for the hall of fame good. He's also he's also presenting kim mulkey. Who's the women's coach baylor. They're so he's gonna be he's gonna be inducted to people John michael gave one of the best eulogies. I've ever heard and i think all of us heard at kobe's kobe celebration of life. He also gave an a one of the more notable speeches on his own inducted into the basketball hall or seen anything like it. He just basically killed out everyone who he's still bitter about. Have you seen alan. Iverson's it's great. It's no he didn't call producer so green. he was so pure and just unrehearsed.

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