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Threes. And Doc you others. Daniel Middle has the four day forecasts. A couple of spots can see a shower for the evening hours tonight. Otherwise mostly cloudy, low 42 Tomorrow clouds in some sunshine not quite as chilly high's 56 of the coast to 60 degrees inland. Partly cloudy tomorrow night Low 44 for Monday off blend of clouds and sunshine that there can be a stray shower. Eyes. They're 60 degrees and some sunshine for Tuesday with a pleasantly warm afternoon highs near 70 I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Danielle Middle WBZ, Boston's news radio. Right now. It's 48 degrees Cloudy in Boston at 3 55, a new ancient species found in New Mexico now has a name. CBS is Jennifer Keiper makes the formal introduction. They were 300 million year old shark's teeth, but less spear like and shorter than others. The teeth found east of Albuquerque and 2013. Indicated that this species at almost seven ft, long grasped and crushed prey rather than piercing it. The formal name is Drake. Oh, Priestess, Hoffman NorAm, but some might like the name. It was first given Godzilla shark because of its dragon like jawline, and more than two FT. Long fin spines. Jennifer Keiper CBS News More New Englanders are digging entitle mud flats for clams, but they aren't finding many soft shell clams, often called steamers have been used to make chowder and fried

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