Trevor Lawrence Responds to Critics


Want to transition a little bit of nfl because obviously the next big thing on the nfl draft calendar or on the sports counter really is the nfl draft. And it's kind of crazy because there are so many different narratives that are popping up mack. Jones moving updraft boards justin field potentially moving down draft boards. So narratives going on. And so what. I kinda wanna do. That was a new piece of information that came out today. That really leads to an older piece of information from earlier this week that i want your opinion on and so listen. It's draft season. You hear all sorts of crazy stuff but there was a report out a lengthy report from the athletic earlier today which which which interviewed a bunch of anonymous gm's and coaches and stuff like that and so it said in this athletic report. You told me that justin field was going to be better than trevor lawrence and five years. I would say yes that could happen. That was an anonymous. Gm told that to the athletic. And so i thought that quote was kind of interesting in the context of what happened earlier this week with trevor lawrence. I know you and chris touched on it briefly but for the audience. That hasn't fully heard the quotes. I'll read it really quick robin than i want your response but trevor lawrence of course the presumptive number pick. Since the beginning of time no one has ever debated his place as the best player in this draft. He sat down for a pretty lengthy interview with sports illustrated and he said a few different things where he said. It's hard to explain that. Because i want people to know that i'm passionate about what i do and it's really important to me but i don't have the huge chip on my shoulder that everyone's out to get me and i'm trying to prove everybody wrong. I just don't have that. I can't manufacture that. I don't want to and i think that people mistake debt for not being competitive. I think that's unhealthy to certain extent. He's talking about that chip. Just always thinking that you've got to prove somebody wrong. You've got to do more. You've got to be better

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