Mario Rossi: One of the Most Famous Figures in Auto Racing History



And show is with for win and usa today and also the sneak podcast. Which is what she'd here to talk about today so Thanks for joining us. Thank you so much for having me on. I'm really excited to be here. I'm excited to have you as we talked about. I've been listening to the sneak. This is the third season i'll confess. I haven't listened to all of the first few seasons by listen to a little bit of fifth when of course has a nascar theme which is why we're talking about it here on the nascar. Nbc podcast and it is about a crew chief named mario rossi who i'll confess jaw. I didn't know anything about this guy. Instill your podcasts came out when i google. They found like there was a little bit out there from you. I love nascar man our twitter. He had done something on it. And i found a couple of other stories but amazing story. This and for somebody like myself. I'm a little embarrassed covered nascar for almost twenty years. I'd never heard it to the degree that you need. Scott everybody reported it so we must start there. You just give us the mario rossi story in a nutshell. What this podcast thirties sneakers about. Honestly you shouldn't feel bad at all about not knowing who mario rossi is. Because i talked to especially in the beginning of our reporting in this i talked to a wide variety of drivers crew chiefs retired and only some of the long retired drivers actually knew who i was talking about aside from bread kozlowski. Who knew exactly what i was talking about. So yeah so. Mario rossi was a crew chief in the nineteen sixties and seventies. He worked with Dig- racing at one point with donnie. Allison and darrell waltrip He drove a little bit of was team. Owner briefly But he's generally considered from everything that i've learned at this point. He was considered an innovator. A brilliant engineering mind. Who was very aware of safety limitations on the need for innovation in

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