Salt: The Good, The Bad, and the Truth

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Do you have a love. Affair with the salt shaker. Are you having trouble breaking yourself of the prepackaged food addiction. Do you have a ballpark guess. For the recommended amount of sodium you should be consuming on a daily basis. What about the devastating consequences of too much salt in your diet. Don't be ashamed or alarmed with any of your answers if you just don't know because it's not your fault. We all fall parada marketing and the lure of salty. Foods trust me. That's one of the reasons why i'm here to help. Cut through the bs and get straight to the research and the truth about sodium. My guest today is one of the preeminent scientists who has been fighting on the frontlines in washington. Dc literally going to political battle for my health and yours for more than fifty years. Michael jacobson is a rockstar researcher. And the author of the recently released book sought wars the battle over the biggest killer new american diet. He is founder of the center for science and the public interest which was developed in nineteen seventy-one as a health advocacy group for food safety and nutrition. The i may not sound familiar to you. But their work. Well they are responsible for nutrition facts labeling on food products they are also responsible for getting food out of schools and removing trans fat. Out of the food supply just to name a few of their landmark efforts today though we talk all about our love affair with salt why it become so prevalent in our diet much of it without us even realizing it what are the impacts on our personal health and most importantly how can we ditch the desire for that extra dash at every single meal.

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