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Begun. Arriving in india. Where record daily numbers of new coronavirus infections continue to push his health healthcare system to capacity. Us president joe biden pass to give his first primetime address to a joint session of congress ahead of his one hundredth day in office on friday. And why is the city of london proposed to transform some of the office space in its square mile into homes monocle editors and correspondents are here to discuss those stories today on the late edition here on monocle twenty four. Hello that very warm. Welcome t to the late edition here on monocle twenty four. It is wednesday the twenty eighth of april. And i'm thomas here in toronto and joining us today from midori house in london to guy just through some of the day's top new stories articles news editor chris mac and monocle twenty four hours. Marcus hippie chris. Marcus great to have you both with us on the program. Today and marcus. Today's been of a landmark. Dave you there in london funny as you mentioned through actually i got vaccinated like with my first nineteen vaccine earlier this morning. It's it's been surprisingly emotional after say saying earlier to someone that it's it's it's Quite astonishing the speed. How quickly all. These has happened and watson achievements. It is considering that you know here in london we only truly got nervous and concerned about. That's pandemic about four months ago. And here i am. I've been vaccinators already. And i know exactly what. I'll be vaccinated for the second time in about twelve weeks time. Well congratulations. Marcus is a special day and chris how about you. How's the week shaping up fee than lyndon. I'm trying to contain my jealousy at marcus. Forgetting his his first. Vaccinations shots still still waiting on my end. But having said that Personally had a couple of days off so that was quite nice enjoyed. The good weather played some tennis as all our listeners. Know very well as one of my favorite things to do since the lockdown has come to somewhat of an end so feeling good and otherwise. We're sort of focused in on the next Additions of monaco. Particularly the june edition Coming up in the next couple of weeks chris. I'm markus great to have you both with us on the program today. Well we begin. Today's program in india. Where more than two hundred thousand people have now died from covid nineteen and more than three hundred thousand. New infections are being recorded every day will vote. That is a broad assumption that both of those figures are lower than the actual number well in response india's government earlier today opened up vaccination manageability to every adult aged eighteen and over on today's edition of the briefing. We spoke to dr schutte kapila at the university of cambridge in the uk who returned from india at the end of last month. The mood is incredibly. Desperate it's also angry and there is widespread helplessness. So up onto say about a month ago. People the beginning it was on the rise. And when i was dead in late march itself and you knew people who were getting infected friends and allies family members. But now it's a step change in the sense that many more people now know people who are dying or are struggling for night and the problem is an absolute disaster in terms of delivery of health essential services and not just vaccination the things like oxygen hospital beds so having had a your to prepare for capacity which actually short signs of creating that capacity last summer. It's all kind of withered away. Schutte kapila speaking to us from cambridge in the uk. A little earlier today. Marcus the international push to send medical support to india as well into way countries like the us uk saudi arabia canada and even neighboring pakistan are among those to have either sent medical supplies or vowed to do so. Are we likely to see more of that kind of support coming in the days ahead to india. Do you think i would imagine. I would imagine circle considering that there must be a lot of public pressure facing politicians now sued to help india. And and do something. We've seen all these rather shocking footage from india. We've seen pictures of people. Baking folks jin when they're circling into breath. We've been seeing bodies being burned in carparks when there's no space for them elsewhere and it's an absolute disaster over there and looking at the discussion taking place here in the uk. For example the uk government has been insisting that various there are no surplus jobs to help india. And there's there's a lot of people who are feeling a be angry about that and i'm wondering about this this myself. Obviously as i mentioned earlier i was vaccinated today myself. I'm a healthy man in his foresee suntan looking at what's happening in india. I'm wondering if i really do need the vaccination more than they do at the same time as an example of off the pressure we're seeing in the uk alone. There's about six thousand doctors. Now of indian origin have been writing to the uk prime minister boris johnson requesting further medical equipment to be sense to india as a mess rav urgency so just looking at what's happening in the uk and you understand the scale off the pressure and and how much need there to see something happening to see something done at another argument. That's all leaders probably realizes that's in the end. We are all in the same boat. This sunday miki's over before it's over in every single country and when he just look at the number of people living in india and you look at the traffic if that we have been seeing to indian from india you realize that the sooner we see india getting the situation improved when we see the new of new covert cases decline over there that is an absolute must've urgency on and we can't return to normal life in other countries either before we see a better and chris as marcus alluded to their the uk. Government is said that there are no surplus vaccines in the uk. Descend india right now. We've seen us president. joe biden. Say that i think sixty million doses of the astra zeneca vaccine will be sent from the

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