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Infants a podcast season two was filmed in front of prerecorded studio audience viewer. Discretion is advised. So i wanna talk this parisi's with i think there's all my nose not do that though preferable even pay we got Renewed yeah we we talk. Are we talk with our Publishing person in however stuff works in actual stuff in. They were like yeah. You guys are doing pretty well. Let's let's renew for another ten years. So yeah unfortunately george was cut. Who's george. oh yeah are one guy. Yeah we we cut george. Yeah sorry about that. Well he wasn't exactly cut. He was actually traded to a better podcast wherever better podcast thereabouts. Six million of them. Oh well let's see. There's there's my brother my brother and me There's no familiar realistic podcasts. You know we're doing here podcasts. Who who would ever listen to a podcast. What is this twenty eleven. That was the question that we were asking ourselves. The first time are brought up the idea for the podcast back in twenty twelve. Potentially we're actually pretty good. Though we have some of the some episodes are more successful than others. Bar said zero quick. We hit us metric stanley. Get some decent metrics for being We are way too. We talk start talking about our beef with our fights not actual beef. What fights well. That's how you get viewers right or listeners. Start a podcast. Fight with another podcast. Except i don't know any other castes. So i need to create a second podcast and then start fighting with that podcast. So i can do this without actually having to interact with other humans. No a few other podcasts. But i don't really want like have beef with them. You know Our free will episode Seventy listeners so that was our most popular episode then second to that was our jars of clay episode which was run around for you listeners and then our alliens episode which around thirty so interesting and then our crypt Our latest the season finale. If the unintentional season finale of season was right around thirty so unintentional season finale Life got busy. Well yeah we were focusing on the youtube True if you've not checked out our youtube we have a lot of stuff on youtube in speaking of free will because seventy of you loved the podcast on free. Will you should go check out our stanley parable playlist on youtube. We've already done three episodes. I think we're doing one. Maybe two more eventually we have. We're not getting around to that nail but that's still gives you three episodes that are already up there but we were trying to find a baby. We have yet to fund the baby right. I didn't read online that the baby was a four hour evolution of preventing it from going into a fire or something yes and there are ways to change. Apparently to speed up the time are there ways to make the time. Go like four times this or like to times fast okay. So we're going to do that because four hours Playing with the baby. Honestly i don't know for hours is gonna be real like much less than a video game and play him for hours for the maybe in real life is a lot more fun than Trying to keep a baby from going into a fire in a video game because trying to keep a baby going into fire in a video game is well. it's it's just pressing buttons whereas it's a baby pressing buttons right. Yeah i wouldn't. That's not my experience to have ever so Let's talk about season two showy so we left on a cliffhanger or we just we just left. Just let's be honest here.

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