A highlight from #421 There's No Glory Holes For Women with Ian Fidance


Dogs fucking wait. No that's not to say it's a dog and horse. It's a dog and horse to a dog responding to horse everybody for the first. I wish i could get on camera. But i i a male dog fucking affect female horse. It's tremendous walking dr pepper. Take everybody my name's fair Fucking new joke. I guess. I don't know i'm out in the fucking mountain in iowa. Microphone a telescope binoculars. that i got. Oh ngo this came to visit me. Who got diarrhea really badly drive me. Stop fucking stop. So many times on the road from kito. It's a two hour drive. we stopped. I'm not joking or exaggerating. I think six times it was like a tour of fucking gas stations along the panamerican. I got diarrhea and he was like he was like a week because he told don't drink the water and he goes. Hey i'm starting to feel upset. My stomach upset. Oh really he was. Yeah but i made some tea from from the fucking tap water. Do as a problem like oh yeah for sure. I told you never to drink the water here locals. Don't drink the water here. It's not even like other countries where it's like they're used to. They're not used to it here. The water here and goes oh. Do think related make for sure and then he starts shitting and he's like i think it might have been the water. No one's saying it's anything other than the water do he. Must've shit fifteen times. He look good. Though at the end of it he looked good. Those believe ma'am the ship. Names you have to be on another level if you're going to be believed to go. I'm not gonna be the standard barf polemic to miss class for that. I'm going shipley amac. I'm gonna go fucking eat suppositories. Whatever the fuck they're called to make shit. I mean you got to dream. And you're like i don't want bad breath each shit each each. Give it up for you. Guys the ship william dude. I've been having a good time and went to amazon. I got this fucking wandering jew plant. Then i'm going to try to bring back schlomo. I'm gonna try to bring back water jew that i got from the amazon while this jew wandering tough it's starting to get roots but i don't know and then the last the last bucket i guess ten hours i got rapid in like moist toilet paper or tissue how to take it back and then obviously when you get to america though i do but i know i can get this plan here. Why would i do anything. Because i have a fucking on natural Emotional attachments to fucking goods places. So today's podcast everybody In finance comes on. I've been wanting to get the end to talk about For a little while talk about bisexuality and says he's not talks broke down to the stress back to new jersey. He opened for him. He did a great job and And we start talking on the way about that. Oh i tell you about the fucking amazon shoot it fucking breath that that whole amazon just the land that the trees breathes this the fucking thing is alive. We stayed like deep deep in the amazon national forces The sanni large part of the sanni community. Great it's a good night first night. There you gotta go to the furthest town like the furthest town that you go on a road and then you get on a boat and go down the napa river and go another like three hours down the river. And then you're like in the fucking rain forest was fucking sick that night suze star like oh. This is trench lives under here. I'm like why did i took a little stick of trenches comes up. Fuck kill your fucking stick. The sounds are show fucking amid you. Go to sleep at night. And they're fucking screams. It's like fucking people getting rate murdered ever around you but it's just frogs. She studies done in. The frogs are getting raped while they would make that sound. Or the what it's like. It's not even rape actually. I'll take that back. It's more like in cambodia. When pol pot would kill your child in front of you by taking by the legs and faulker smashing it on a tray. There's a tree there. You can go visit the killing in cambodia. All over the place. It's one of the things we're all told me a fucking day in one story man. Don't keep going back. So they take the fucking kidding. Didn't want bullets. Which are as do i get that. Don't we sports. Why would you so they take. These children babies. This is going to be graphic You guys have welcome to de-modernisation ari couldn't bucket and i mean there's no way So they take babies. You know how you can get both hands around the baby's leg by both the legs that cute. When there's so fucking cute and that little stubby hands off won't go on their belly and they were all over. The valley goddess. W is there fear so cute. That's why i love you. Take those those feet and you put them in a inc pat and then fuck you put those. Those footprints are just the cutest footprints. You ever gonna see babies man. They really they really. They're just the to robert. The reason baby's eyes are so big so we don't kill them so getting back to pope. I take those babies by the legs and take all his henchmen and taken and there's a traitor and they would score splinter all right fair enough. That's called karma and the tree got hit with so many fucking babies until their skulls exploded that there's a fucking dent in the tree years later. They found these things. There's always like brain matter and fucking bow. It's pretty gross Today so gross that de-modernisation gets demonetized. Re monetize anyway. What they're gonna say. Oh those are the screams of the frogs. I record actually two hours in a fucking clear in the amazon national force and yes yes suny. National forest Two hours just nature sounds a lift my recorder up there. It's patriot patriot. Dot com slash share. That's an even a normal one. But that's legit sounds of them on there And then. I got a good story sit. They went down over there. That i'm only going to put on their patriotic Patient outcomes support me. I got lots of conflict and cool shit guest comments on there. I would ever whatever but today. It's about words in finance. He's a good guy. We talked once about the fucker problem with the world. And however as asia's throats while the stand was being renovated so two years ago three years ago and we had a long talk on the way home. He's a smart guy smart guy. Oh his credit his pockets. Zach emeco called is. It's right into this fucking episode ori by guys every thursday levin. Am gessel. no watch that. Live zach In an infant playlist on sirius. Xm radio channel nine nine every friday at one that's only live streamed and the ap. Oh it's not only left. His skull band released a music. She recorded tracks sock full of pennies z with z pennies with a z. A. y. z. dot com. You gotta another website. You'll see ian as a fucking i. I can't tell if he's a door cool. It was for a tough for his big fucking hair. The best rose. I'm all over the place. The best Roast joke about an with somebody called them back on my big bucket hair and the glasses. Somebody called them. Sorry sha fear those rows battles fucking great Anyway so we took a trip down to the stress factor where you open fucking great him and dina hashem open for two days and actually you know what before we go on sick of quick short message from our sponsor. Pay the bills. And i'll be right back one minute. Everybody hold on tight to are fear here you know. After a long hard day isometric training my

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