Why There Is A Change Coming To Your Local Weather Forecast

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There is a change coming to your local weather forecast next month. The data that it's based on will be updated that will make the warmer climate literally. The new normal here's npr's jennifer. Ludden weather forecasters work off a thirty year average and it gets updated every decade right now. What's normal for temperature and precipitation is based on nineteen eighty one to two thousand ten. That's why we've all gotten used to this. Well temperatures for your friday. We'll be running about ten degrees than normal seven degrees above average yesterday. Look into tomorrow above. Normal temperatures will the past decade. Was one of the hottest on record mike. Pilecki of the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says that will show up in the new averages called climate normals. They'll drop the eighties and wrap in the twenty tens. It was a very substantial upward trend in temperatures especially along the west coast of south and along the east coast. He says there were exceptions. Oh you can go to fargo north dakota. That would be a place where it's actually cooled a little bit if that's your interest especially in the springtime but the fastest warming places. We'll see a real bump up in their averages. Amber sellin is chief. Meteorologist at abc fifteen phoenix. Where she says last summer was incredibly hot. We set a record of fifty three days at one hundred. Ten degrees or hotter. The previous record was thirty three days so it wasn't even close what's more she says. In the entire past decade phoenix did not said a single record for low temperature now oddly after the update in may some really hot days or nights could become officially cooler than the new normal plans to take more time to explain all this. We're going to have to remind people especially this year. Hey if we're at one fifteen. That is five degrees above the average but remember this average has changed. This average is not what it used to

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