Biden pushing for a major expansion of offshore wind energy


Expansion of offshore wind energy that could bring thousands of wind turbines to the east and West Coast. NPR's Jeff Brady reports the U. S. Is trying to catch up with Europe, which already has many more offshore wind farms. The White House set a goal of 30 gigawatts of offshore wind power by 2030 enough to power more than 10 million U. S homes Right now only one wind project is operating in the North East. Still, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says such a quick increase is possible. It is gonna be a full force gale of good paying union jobs that lifts people up. The administration says the plan will support about 32,000 construction related jobs through 2030 agency heads say their departments will work more closely together to speed environmental reviews, and the Energy Department is making $3 billion in loans available to the offshore wind industry. Jeff Brady.

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