A highlight from I am Twenty (Marlen Khutsiev; 1965)


My name's allie. And this is the reuss falls unite. Podcast where we watch russian films and films with a connection as always. I'm joined by guest. And today i have a returning guest high najah her. Thanks for joining me again for listeners. Who haven't caught your previous episode on which we discussed kidnapping caucasian style or prisoner of the caucasus. Depending on which wanna go with. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself. We're first of all. I think since we lost talked about that wonderful film. The bear song has been running around my head pretty much all the time. It's just so lovely. It's quite the earworm isn't it. Yeah in the best possible way it really is. It's very happy here. were on a since. Then we'll have continued. What shin wretchedly vs. And every christmas it was wonderful. Because there's so many films to see. And i caught up especially with christmas films near films and an and just a joy of youth and i found out that really the more you watch these for more. You see that but it's full of quite rebellious young people despite seriousness time of life regime regime postwar period and so long quite Joyful yet that is something that surprises me. Just as i've gone along doing this. This podcast is growing up in the west. You have certain stereotypes about what life must have been like in the soviet union and kind of by extension full Old soviet all must be like and show like lots of eisenstein and kind of earlier. Soviet films are quite serious and kinda frowny face and propaganda not exclusively but there is more of that earlier on but kind of once you go into the fifties and sixties at least on film things did seem to kind of chill out quite a bit more and that's something that hasn't really kind of like necessarily filters through to kind of like the popular imagination but yeah so intensive stuffy being to You have a new ish film website. Is that writes absolutely as with my film. Buddy victoria victoria move up. We founded keenest select and an really. It's driven by the knowledge. that best. Sammy films that we will never see and we need to work through it and share the ones that we special love so he knew by main select by nature. So so it's been it's been a great adventure and repulsive and experimenting with different styles of foam live. Hearing and victoria for example has written some beautiful moving using in addition to the reviews We also defended festival Coaching about as london phone. Hoon's along to keep talking at it just writing writing writing. Yeah it's very. It's very very cool and it's it's funny. This probably won't come out for a while but literally today was optical that kind of blew up where martin scorsese was talking about the importance of cure writing films. And and you know using one's knowledge of films to kind of show you know film lovers in general. This is some of the stuff that's out that you might not know about rather than just having foam. Love is be maybe not necessarily reluctantly served by the algorithm because the algorithm is going to be generated partly by what you've already watched and therefore weren't necessarily like challenge you or show you stuff that you might really love but you don't know about it yet because you haven't seen things that similar. So yeah you providing a really wonderful service kind of does it dow but like it's really great to have a forum for sharing your enthusiasm and directing people some really excellent films so yeah thank you because i think the thing that we did and we're bit ahead of the times that we decided we wouldn't be time bound or driven by relief states because that's quite a restless thing Let's talk about all sorts of other films including the fence. That are coming out now. But let's not just be driven purely by that can be a treadmill really can be the and also the thing i've always felt. Is that with a with freshly released only appearing in cinemas. I felt regret discriminated against. A lot of people could actually get interested in math. Maybe childcare made ability and so on and now with streaming reaching a footing of equality with new cinema releases you know. I think it's a great development whether yet or you go to the cinema. Should be able to to talk about the same films. A week could come out. For example. I i hope that continues. Yeah and you wonder why the post pandemic i mean feels like a very long way off at this time whether that will be. I don't know i. I only hope. But they'll be more room on screens for older films. That people might have had the chance to see on the big screen. That's something certainly seems like if you live in london all one of the big metropolitan centres. You probably have a thabit of that already. Specially london the outside. It does seem to be very much you know. Just what's what's new and therefore Exciting so yeah. It'll be interesting to see how the landscape has changed when things return to some semblance of normality before we started the call. You mentioned that there was something else rather exciting that you're working on So what was that. So you know but background is a documentary. Filmmaker custom entries. But recently i have been working on social history. Projects and landscapes has pam systemized. An unrealized that the mets need jim. Cheech translate this new project into be allying augmented reality and virtual reality. So so this is. This is why it might my new venture my new learning. And it's having started the career working on actual physical film like sixteen mill. It's now

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