What Knicks trade for Lonzo Ball could look like


To the pelicans new orleans lonzo ball love him or leave him leave him. I think a lot of return for lonzo ball. And i i gotta tell you. I'm really impressed with all the talk. We've been having about lamelo ball lonzo. Ball's men baldwin him shooting the ball well from the three point line. He's not really playing. His position stands got him sort of three indeed settings threes. Chris i on your. I can pick and roll like okay. Zion's carmelo no lonzo ball is the karl malone and john stockton karl malone what the hell down world but it works. It works the upside down any can defend. Yeah leave him. Yeah that's what i think. He fits with the knicks. Because we talked about you talk about random about how well you know how hard air coats and commitment to the defense side of all you have to get a certain type of store star in new york. He's a guy that won't be afraid of coming in and do a little hard working in committing to both sides of the ball quickly which you know. Obviously well his dad prophesized already. He prophesied before but now we just gotta deal with him stats next.

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