Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat Remain Engaged In Kyle Lowry Talks


Today's trade deadline. Now do seven hours away outs. Lawn of the name watching closely. We're watching closely as kyle lowry. Look so listen won't is reporting that the lakers are actually asleep routine to get him in the east to get him out there with the lakers in the east though it appears it's the sixers and maybe the miami heat in that mix. So here's kyle lowry on. What likely was his last game with toronto last night it was kind of weird tonight and not knowing what the next step would be just with. You know understanding that there's things that could possibly be done On the front of me and then other guys in our team and normalization. So it's kind of weird. I'll be honest with you but you know it was. It was great to get a win. it was great. It felt good to be out there. And you know i. It would have been of course. Of course it would have been crazy or if it was in toronto. I'm assuming i i would. I would think but It was it was different tonight for sure. I mean who knows what's going to happen like i'm not knows what's going to happen but it's definitely for sure different. All right we got crisper sar joining us now for sorry good morning which contender would benefit most from adding kyle lowry. You said the three philadelphia. Miami and the lakers less. Toss out miami. Because with or without kyle lowry. They're not winning the east much less the nba finals. They're just they would improve. No doubt were not enough. They wouldn't be good enough all right. So i'm tossing him out. I'll go to the west. The lakers this would be huge because in addition to bringing a championship pedigree more leadership. Defense toughness kyle lowry. Bring three point shooting. And they're lacking in that their twenty second in the league in three point percentage twenty-fifth if three point tips. He's any thirty nine percent or seven threes a game in toronto this year. Dennis schroder playing well but only hitting thirty two percent of his three point attempts so lowery would really feel a need for the lakers.

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