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Happy holidays to all our listeners. And we got a lot of our our team in transit today so Tom tom is currently headed to miami or he might have just landed there with a chris. Pirate and the rest of the team and the good folks over there for our basil. I'll be joining them and a few of the other homes from dmv tomorrow so by the time you're listening to this. I'll probably be down to miami. So if you're out there hit give me a holiday was up but let's get it. So the topic's shadow to be mobile the way he couldn't be here. But if you mrs voice. I recommend you to listen to the. Let's talk brought. Podcast shout out to jeremy friend of the show. Go podcast in. I seems like they ran for about an hour and a half about some dope stuff. Max masculinity all different types of topics. I haven't heard yet. But i know it's going to be dopes. I'm gonna check it out when i leave here. But let's get to a little short list of agenda items. I wanted to discuss today. And this is going to be one of those special episodes. Go off on my low tangents and rants and nobody can really stop me so But you can stop me if you wanna pause this episode. But i think. I got some on some pretty dope topics to discuss. But i i gotta do some self serving shit today even though you won't hear this. Until the fifth is december fourth and december fourth is a special day in america in the world in the black community for a multitude of reasons right star with the negatives day that a fred hampton was murdered and chicago By undercover police one of the pivotal members of the black So recipe fred hampton and may his memory continue to serve on and inspire us to make change and do well for our communities but today is also the one hundred and thirteenth anniversary of the founding of my dear fraternity alpha phi alpha fraternity inc. Shallow to the alpha's out there. All over the world one hundred. Thirteen years strong. I myself have been in a game for about ten years since november seven. Two thousand nine shout out to my lying brother shot at my chapter new sigma chapter arrest stanford university. I oh so much in my life and the progress in my life since crossing to alpha nine necessarily for being a part of the organization or a member of the brotherhood but the local brotherhood. That i was able to be a part of him. Build with During my four years on campus especially afterwards You know not for trinity's and sororities for everybody and i'm not wanting to put my nose appointing gun who's not a part of a fraternity sorority or that type of organization. But you know outside of all the jokes and should that you see are social media. It's so many benefits if you're in it for the right. Reasons is not just about the networking for professional climbing. Up the ladder per se. But it's also about friendships brotherhood. When i'm in many cities throughout the american when i travel for work Often in a city where. I know that there's a brother. That's i'm cool with so you know if i ever needed a couch to to sleep on or if i wanted to link up and just talk shit when my rose or you know you bounce ideas off people who are like minded individuals outside of the dmv creative scene. I typically rely on my brothers. I go up to new york so often just because my my fraternity brothers chapter brothers line brothers a lot of them up there in harlem and brooklyn so you know always gotta tap into the brotherhood man especially during these times where should it so dicey people lose themselves. You know people are dealing with social anxiety and instead alarming rates and you know we have so many different identities that we gotta keep up with. And that's not a job that's just real life. You know you got your social media. You got Your family you got your work you got by when you're by yourself and also when you're in person with other people with so many different mask masking different iterations. I wouldn't say mass per se but different versions of ourselves that we constantly have to keep pruning and keep sharp in order. Feel like we're competent doing stuff out here so But yeah out to santa alphabet. I'm wrap this up. Office meant so much to me. I joined the fraternity because of my my grandfather who passed away He passed away maybe two weeks. Before i found out i got accepted into stanford and you know all the my father dropped out of college. You know my mother's in a sorority but my grandfather was also a big influence on my life. So when i went to stanford i made it a point that hey if i wasn't necessarily going to pledge for sure had to be for the right reasons but it was founded on the example that my grandfather said so you know you always gotta pay homage to those who came before you and so. Thanks grandpap pope on the continuing the legacy four. Let's keep it going. Man which is probably the most popular reason why december fourth is a big day is shawn jay z. Carter himself turns. Fifty fifty burger today mash out to jay z geneva. Nigga what. I mean so. Many classic j has been a huge pivotal piece of my life as well. I remember one of the first album cds. I was actually able to purchase not illegally download. Because i've been illegally download and i was like nine but actually able to purchase. My mom gave me the thumbs up. Two hours was jay z the blackout them in key west college dropout and this was probably like eighth grade or something like that. But you know. I think about fifth or sixth grade

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