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I think Katie a Our news on 92 3 FM. I don't think I've been more optimistic about the economy in decades. Nothing like starting out the week with some good news. Good morning. It is seven o'clock. This is Arizona's morning news on Jim Sharp and I'm Jamie West. Good morning. Arizona's economy, it appears has bounced back from the pandemic and a very big way. Details coming up right after we check on the morning commute with detour, Dan, we're learning who may or may not be included in the next group to get vaccinated. It'll depend on where you live, but first, Katya, our eyes on the economy. One Valley economist believes our long pandemic driven recession is over in Arizona. Another says. We're close to seeing the end of the downturn. Katya is Jim crosses live in Phoenix with the details. Jamie has been almost a year since the pandemic sent Arizona's economy one of the nation's hottest economies in recession. Valley economist Jim Rounds believes this recession in our state Has finished even though we're still down about 90,000 jobs in the state out of the 300,000 that we lost. We should be getting those back by the end of this calendar year. Valley Economist Elia Pollack says he's not ready to declare the recession finish, but says it's in the final stages of being wrapped up and the state's economy. Ready to take off in a big way. Gonna be explosive when it starts, which should be very shortly. It will probably last a least through 2022. Maybe 2023 as bad as last year was. There isn't are finished. 2020 ranked third and job growth nationally over here, even though It was at minus 2.3% live in Phoenix. Jim Cross Katie, Arnie's Thank You Jam. Time for traffic and detour. Dan's Got a crash. Tell you about blocking the downtown I 10 area westbound here, Dan. We were exactly this. It's in a bad spot. Not that there is such a thing is a good spot. But this is just westbound west of the 51 interchange just west of 16th Street, and the two right lanes are blocked. So when you think about that If you're transitioning over the top, you gotta kind of allow the right of way to the main line. Traffic has already staying to the left getting by the crash. So you're having a kind of squeezed emergen and it is causing a two miles away back from 32nd Street on the two of you Red Mountain Freeway Now down in the South East Valley. We've got a big crash. Eastbound Boccaccio closed its Sosman this due to a serious injury wracked, and we're also working a wreck over a candle back east of Seventh Street. This traffic report brought to you by 72 sold dot com Thinking of selling at 72 sold you not only get a higher price for your home, but you can pick your own clothes and moved eight and the it was best

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