In the paper today, that would be from yesterday. Only 10, which is good because over the weekend They were in the


Yeah, I did. A lot of younger people are gonna take that one. Because we're waiting anyway, right? We're not. I'm not going to get the shot for a while. So why not get the single dose? Right? And I know quite a few people who were like scared to go back and get the second dose. I know at least five people right now. Who aren't going back and getting that second dose because someone they know might have gotten sick with the second dose. So I know I would rather just get one shot and be done with it. Paranoia and the few weeks in between, just stresses me out. But, yeah, they got the first shot. Then don't want to go back for the second shot. Now they're kind of Larry. My mom got really sick from it.

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