Duke of Edinburgh doing 'a lot better', Prince Edward says

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I think it's important to to take a look at the latest update from buckingham palace philip. Who as we record. This is currently facing his second weekend in the hospital. This is obviously a very difficult time for him and all of the family but we have had some updates from those family members this week. Yeah we'll someone's in the hospital for going on two weeks like this you know. Of course we're worried especially when they're ninety nine so it was good to hear some of his family members we had Pricked edward who said he's doing a lot better what you know. I think you made the point. We're kind of used to the standard line of someone being in good spirits when they're reporting on their health so it actually have the phrase. He's doing a lot better. You know that that made me really hopeful. But again the fact that he's still in the hospital is just you know it's very concerning and i know that we're not the only ones on his family. It's definitely concerned right now. And so we're kind of all all hoping for the best absolutely well at nine thousand nine years old always a worrying time when someone at that age is in hospital. This week buckingham palace did actually give more detail about why. He was hospitalized in the first place with a statement saying alongside the fact that he remained at the king edward the seventh hospital receiving medical attention. They said it was for an infection but they did add that. He's comfortable responding well to treat and but isn't expected to leave hospital for several days.

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