With my sailor boy fastest. So he graduates on Thursday. All right, here we go. Hello, Sailor boy.


Two Nazis that dimple Dell. Somebody spray painting hateful. S s end. Swastikas on a building at the dimple Dell Park in Sandy. And voter candidate number three. Oh, the old man again in the passenger seat, Dodge. Guy tried to get away with it in California, even though the manic and was very realistic. Sorry, didn't make it. Kim won the tote bag and the winner. Was boner candidate number two dimple Dell Nazis. Okay. All right. There you go. I think we're gonna have a good boner fight coming up at 9 20. We're gonna take the winner of this round and the winner of round one put them against each other, and you will decide Boner of the day. At 9 20 this morning with Boehner fights E. Don't know if we can make this an official Carrie Official Willow Sailor boy, Yeah, I mean, it's

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