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Read a story from american history to my friend. Gareth reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about lamb. It's about puppies People have been giving a lot of feedback so i have decided to make this a puppy. Podcast a podcast. So each week. I am going to describe a puppy to gareth. And gareth will comment on the rue breuil. Yeah you're in the ruble so you'll comment on the puppy and whether or not you might be describe the puppy to me. I don't see it. it'd be like so this has said ago. This puppy has long ears. Big big is i would say. Bigger is Front facing as opposed to backward facing front facing the front facing dog. It's got a mouth. It's got a nose legal. Yes how did you know boy. I'll tell you what who's not gonna stick around for this. Is jim patch fucking guys. Dave okay gary lennon scared and this is not gonna to go on a five part. Could hit him with the puppy present. Sip arguments action my friend lord so we are brought to you in part by no num num as an app that helps you get into shape get healthy get your mind right. I would say around exercise. It's not about work eight but sort of how you eat. In general it teaches you about eating. Cravings had a had a build new habits and get smart about food and then the choices that you're making you weekly test and i like it. It's based on psychology. Yeah it feels very affirmative positive. Yeah yeah and it's not negative. It teaches you to not. It's like no don't think don't think of it that way. I think of it this way. And i think it's really helpful so i've been weaving for a while. Now right i mean for me. I've been wanting to lose weight. Which i've been losing weight and on topic. Keep it off and just really feel better. I mean that's that'd be great. Feel better yeah. it also doesn't make it's not too complicated. It's pretty straightforward and it's positive You know like. I said it's based on psychology teaches. You why he make the choices you do and gives you tools to replace your habits with the healthier ones. They have a cognitive behavioral approach. It means you're not just losing weight. You're building the habits. you need to keep it off. I like how i say them. They know it's neum. It's an app but you there's people in their time my friend there's a there's a woman who checks in with me all the time it's forgiving because you're you're a human being so you might go off track whatever you get back on track so look there's science to getting healthier.

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