The Worst Golden Globes Ever Completely Botched Its Diversity Scandal

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The gloves were the first award show to take a controversy and actually address it. Head on the winners presenters and even hosts did not hold back about the lack of diversity and those who pick the globe winners. In fact. Amy and tina got into right at the start of the show. Watch the hollywood. Foreign press association is made up of around ninety international. No black journalists. I realized h fda. Maybe you guys didn't get memo because your workplace. Is the backer booth a french. Mcdonald's but you gotta change that it is great to be black the golden globes back back at the golden globes black back anywhere in the spirit of inclusion. I hope that this time next year. This ceremony reflects the true brad and diversity of the film and television being made today because there is so much more to be celebrated. Thank you to the on white. Hollywood foreign press jane fonda two. I think addressed as well head on. How did you feel how did you think they did handling this. Go ahead jane fonda. she's always fantastic. But i i love. They came out hitting it right on top of the head. Everyone had the jokes. I personally thought the foreign press probably thought they had a black woman on the board. Yeah i think it was rachel dole. I think they just found out on us. Yeah i was the first show that you actually a president. Come out actually admit okay. We're gonna make some changes. We're going to do something. And i think you know if you're not gonna talk about it Then you're part of the

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