A highlight from 704: Supergirl S6E01 Review: 'Rebirth'



Of last year i am tricia. Matt's i'm david job. I am brienna tolbert. I'm alan you and today. We are discussing season. Six episode one. Rebirth which is actually sort of the retooled was supposed to be finale of last year but cova through everything off of course so a lot of us had a lot of remembering to do except for me because i literally just got caught up last week. 'cause cova through everything off. Yes yes indeed david. You'll need to help us. All with a detailed recap my dreamer finds brainy and leads. The heroes who used the anti life equation defeat my lex plans to enslave half of humanity. Explode the other half's heads and give himself the powers of leviathan. The heroes split up after much exposition. John opens his soul mcgann so they can destroy the head. Exploding satellites kelly steals the. I love lexi code from obsidian. So that brainy and lena could reverse it with myriad supergirl sacrifices herself to lex as a distraction syndrome or go to the luther hideout to steal the leviathan bottle. So the lena. And make jar and purim. To d immortalize lex. Also even william right an expose on elect sucks and andrea uses akrata to steal her father's wealth to save her position. Kako alex and john give each other great pep talks and john gives alex superhero name sentinel brainy and nia have a heart to heart and it looks like they're working it out. It all works out but supergirl has lost to the phantom zone where some creepy humanoids surround her. Lena uses myriad to wipe super girls. Identity from lex lillies minds. Maybe otas to so much happened. Yes yeah. I had a counter for how many times i was like okay. Then that happened. And i think i got up to like nine or ten that episode. They had a lot of loose ends. A lot of this is an ensemble show and we have to make sure everyone has a little moment and boy did they get them. All in there and a lot of them are really good moments but boy. There was a lot to be fair. I think there is tier three episodes supposed to be left in the season so they had to squish into there so it makes sense. They did a good job. There was a lot going on. I think they did only ever intend to do. Twenty episodes last season. So i think all of this was roughly according to plan. I don't know if this is different than the finale would've looked like had they actually been able to finish it before covid. We'll never really know the answer to that. May by interviews. It held together and was about what i expected. They may be to stuff a little extra even more than it was already stuffed with because this was a season opener as well as a really a season ender. I'm kind of amazed that they managed to get as many personal moments in as they did. Yeah also there is a point. Were lexus power. Almost rivaled his ego bit with him singing and playing. We are the champions as he. I loved laid bums and blasted guns was a bit over the top but then again complex is supposed to be kind of over. The top made me really happy. I think queen deserves more than lex. We can get into this laser. But i don't think they've mentioned the phrase anti life equation before on this show and that immediately made me think of the four hours. I spend watching. The snyder cuts of justice league. A similar issue with this in that. These snyder cup tried to compress four movies into four hours. And here you have a similar problem where you have a lot of loose ends to tie up different storylines and you're trying to make it work in the same product now why i think it works better in this show versus. The snyder cut is that we know he's counties and care about them and so they have that going for. I think i agree with there. Being strong character moments john. Cry is having a lot of fun. Playing lex luthor. I'm always here to watch. Alex and college relationship play out. We have a lot of good moments with leaner as well. And so i think that even though they have a lot of stuff to put into forty minutes and so it feels like. It's not always entirely coherent. This does have the advantage of there being really good access plan characters that we do care about and so i think it largely kind of works here where i can't say the same for this neither cubs. Yeah i certainly would not recommend this episode for someone who's heard about supergirl. Thought maybe this season i'll try it now. No do not jump in on episode. Do you have one comment about the program equation thing. I think if i'm remembering correctly. That's what brady had just uploaded to a different place. And that's about to bottle the others. I think or he had it with him and it was something that they were going to use to kill leviathan. The anti life equation is usually a big dark side plot in a lot of media. Dark side as always the one trying to find the anti life equation. Destroy the universe. Because he's well quarrel and it was what was planned to be used to d- immortalize the leviathans so that they could be killed but brainy didn't want to do that. He thought that was playing alexis plan so he decided to shrink them instead but then get him. I wasn't shrunk.

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