Dodgers Home Opener Was One to Remember

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Somali. Friday was the home opener for the dodgers and they finally got to celebrate their world series title with their home fans inside los angeles is best known. Cova testing vaccination site a dodger stadium. You're there for the home opener on friday. What stood out to you about the festivities so the ceremony itself was kind of strange. The dodgers definitely do pomp and circumstance. Like nobody else. There's like this. Hollywood pressure to make super exciting and over the top today. We're gonna share some messages that have been recorded for the dodgers by some of the grades to the game. They had asked dodger players who were on the team last year to tell them who their favorite baseball player was growing up and then they went and got that player that former player to record a message a congratulatory message to that guy clayton clark here while what an unbelievable journey. It's been thinking kershaw's been he's from texas. He grew up worshipping. Clark number twenty two clark. So that made a lot of sensible apart congratulating him thirteen years in l. Mvp songs all star game appearances and now a world series ring. What an unbelievable career you've had so far young man recorded of mental. Julio reaction bradley. Leonard man beacon me Fan viewers and he kind of chided. Mookie betts for not picking hamper. A-rod was up there congratulating. Someone and got booed. I was super entertained because it was really awkward but the players seemed excited about it. So there you have it.

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