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You guys. So am i thank you for the dedication there. That takes a lot. They're talking about the show. The livestream event the freak show that is happening on the seventeenth of april and that would be eight o'clock eastern. Us time this show is going to be like none other. It's real really going to be Well freaky well. It's it's certainly going to be different. Because we are interacting with you on a one on one basis. We have the option for meet and greet passes which is kind of like. We're gonna facetime with you at the end of the show. You have that option when you're getting your tickets and there are suites so you can chat with your buds. There are opportunities for us to expand this so maybe the next time we can do a game night or maybe i don't know they're just so many options in. It's going to be so much fun. And i'm really jazzed that we're adding this to our Repertoire you can also chat with the curator pre show the curator. Ns he's excited. He's he's excited about this. We're excited about it. And oh we did received some emails people wanting to know that if two or more people were going to watch the stream if they had to buy two or more tickets. No you don't have to. I mean we appreciate any support that you can give us. I mean of course but we also understand that. It's been a tough year for for just about everyone so if you want to buy a ticket and have all your friends in the entire neighborhood over. That's okay with us. We appreciate your support. Thank you so much and thank you to those who have reached out Saying that you're excited about it because we are too and so it's nice to to know that we're not just going to be like alone. You can get your tickets at the box of audits dot com and right at the top of the pages says live loop show. You can also find the link to buy tickets in the episode notes. Yeah all right. are you ready. Yes i think that you might have something to tell me is madam but before we get started. Let me just give you a trigger. Warning there is discussion of suicide. Okay in this episode. Thank you. It was a cool overcast. Morning on may the first in nineteen forty seven at the top of the empire. State building There were a handful of tourists. They were just kind of milling about one of them was named evelyn mikhail now. Evelyn was a young woman. she was about twenty She was standing next to the railing. She removed her coach folded it neatly and placed it on the railing. She then took out a pen and paper and she started jotting something down when she finished. She took the note under her coat with security guard. Less than ten feet away. She jumped off the eighty sixth floor observatory. It was about ten. Forty am a patrolman. John morrissey who was down on the ground directing traffic at thirty fourth street and fifth avenue noticed what he thought was a white scarf. Fluttering down from one of the upper floors. Gosh of the building moments later he heard crash and he saw a crowd converge on thirty fourth street. Evelyn had stepped out on the parapet. She had jumped cleared the setbacks and landed on the roof of a united nations assembly cadillac limousine again which was parked on thirty fourth. About two hundred feet. West of fifth avenue as one reporter later wrote quote four shoppers. On fifth avenue were horrified. Plummeting eighty six stories. Landing on top of the united nations limousine that was parked at the curb in a mere four minutes after she landed a photography student named robert wiles who was just passing by with. His camera ran over and snapped photo. Now you're probably thinking. This is pretty. Grisly gruesome sight and normally would be. I mean it's it certainly tragic but the photo that robert weil snapped is not really the gruesome result that you would expect you. Know of a body plummeting eighty six stories. The picture shows evelyn. Mikhail lying peacefully. Almost like she was sleeping in her cradle of crumpled steel. That was once a limousine mikhail. Hit the car feet i. It caused her shoes to fly off her stockings to be shredded on impact leaving her feet bare and in much worse condition than the rest of her body. But you couldn't really see by the way she was lying. There was anything wrong with her. at all. goodness for feet were crossed it or ankles. Her hands she was still wearing gloves in her left hand rested on her chest clutching her pearl necklace. Horizon were closed. And there's a there was a faint smile on her lips. If you look at this photo and you didn't know what the situation was and the circumstances behind it you think it was just some beautiful young lady simply taking a nap. Of course the truth of the matter is much darker than that nonetheless. This photo has become famous around the world. One of iconic stature. Have you seen this photo. I don't think so. You probably probably have but didn't realize what it was ok. Well that seems like an assumption that you might make wrong but whatever. The photo itself has become infamous. Time magazine called it quote the most beautiful suicide. that's gross. this is what it was called. But i'm saying i don't like it. It was even used by andrew. Andy warhol in one of his prints titled suicide parentheses falling body. So what happened here. who was evelyn mikhail. What letter to jump off the top of the empire state building even though her death is infamous. There's not a lot known about evelyn's life. What we do know is that her. Mother's name was helen. Her father's name was vincent and she was born in berkeley california. She had eight brothers and sisters in the early nineteen thirties. Her parents divorced. All of the children's stayed with her dad and they moved to new york. I think there was a brief period. Where they lived in dc but ultimately they ended up in new york pam. Evelyn was very active high. School student When she graduated jeevan became part of the women women's army corps and was stationed in jefferson city missouri during the during world war two. Wow for the time. She was very well travel. She was born in. Dc new york missouri and. She was twenty. Wow soon after she left the army she moved back to new york this time to baldwin to live with her brother and her sister-in-law. She worked as a bookkeeper at a company. Called khattab engraving company located in manhattan on pearl street and while working at the engraving company. She met a guy named barry roads. Now berry was a college student. He had recently been discharged from the airforce and she in buried quickly struck up a relationship and soon they were engaged. Evelyn and berry intended to get married at the house of various brother which was located in troy new york. They'd set a date for june nineteen forty seven. But of course that day never came the day before evelyn's death had been visiting with her fiance in pennsylvania in a later interview berry claimed that all was well when she left Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She seemed happy. She was looking forward to her wedding day. Of course we'll never know what was going through. Reverence mind on that sixty six mile train ride back into the city but after she arrived at penn station around nine. Am she went across the street to the governor clinton hotel and then walked two blocks east. Where shortly before ten thirty. She bought a ticket to the eighty sixth floor. Observation deck at the empire state building. According to a police report there was a security guard standing only ten feet away when she jumped he could see it happening but he could not respond quickly enough horn man no not only her fiance but everyone who knew evelyn. That was interviewed anybody that interacted with her over the days leading up to her suicide. They had no indication that anything was wrong or that this would happen and the note that she left on coat. That really didn't answer many questions either. Okay that's what i was waiting for. Was the details in the note because went. Here's here's what the note said quote. I don't want anyone in or out of my family to see any part of me. Could you destroy my body by cremation. Don't have any service for me or remembrance for me. My fiance asked me to marry him in june. I don't think i would make a good wife or anyone. He is so much better off without me. Tell my father. I have too many of my mom's tendencies so what we know. What does that mean here. I did a little research. I'm sorry. I just need a moment how. That's so sad. okay. Here's what i was able to uncover evelyn's mother. Helen had what was called at the time. An unstable mind Many people believe that's what led to the divorce with With evelyn's data the time. Helen left her husband. There was no obvious reason for her to do so Later it became evident that she did have some form of mental illness. So there's a high possibility that evelyn inherited something of this in her own genes in her suicide note. She said tell my father. I have too. Many of my mother's tendencies could be referring to her mental illness and sometimes in in. We've seen this sort of thing happen. Where a personal seem like. They're doing fine and then a stressful situation will start to creep up on them and it's just enough to tip them over the edge. Is it possible that maybe the pending wedding was creating a lot of stress for her. Maybe societal pressures of the day. Maybe she didn't want to get married. Maybe her parents wanted her to and everybody expected her to an she. It's hard to say but it seems plausible that she was suffering from from some sort of from of mental illness and how to get help right and but recognized it because she had seen it in her mother and apparently didn't want to have to live the type of life that she saw her mother live. I'm just piecing this together. I don't know but it seems like a plausible scenario. It was a very long time ago. Many of the details have been lost the time but the photo lives on for over seventy years. Since the morning it was snapped. It's still regarded as one of the believe it or not best photographs ever taken. It's been compared to other iconic photographs like the maximum wild brown photograph. You've probably seen that. It's these self immolation of the vietnamese buddhist monk who poured kerosene all over himself in a road in saigon in nineteen sixty. Three time magazine called this photo the most beautiful suicide. That's what it's called now. And i know i know i know it is. I'm not disagreeing with you. In addition to that time magazine said quote. It's technically rich. Visually compelling and downright beautiful. her body looks more like it's resting or napping rather than dead and it looks like she is just lying. They're dreaming of her bow. This is what they wrote. I just don't understand what is the point of like instead right about how you can help people with mental illness. Like what is the point of trying to make this terrible terrible thing a beautiful. You know romantic thing. it's not. I think that's gross. Those were certainly different days. Trim her body was identified by her sister. Helen and according to her wishes she was cremated. There is no grave. Her fiance barry eventually relocated to florida. He never got married but her desire for anyone quote in or out of her family to see any part of her and not remembered was not granted the picture of her lying peacefully on top of the crumpled limousine circle the globe and be and became an iconic image and Still is to this day. I hate that. I think this is a good time for us to mention that if you're struggling and you feel like everything's gray and you don't think that there's an answer and you don't think that there's hope you should talk to someone. Here's the national suicide hotline number. One eight hundred two seven three eight two five five and there is a chat option. Is there so i know that. Sometimes when you're in that kind of please it's really hard to even verbalize and for some reason just saying it out loud even creating the words. It's hard it's hard and sometimes chatting a lot easier and i've found that myself texting. Someone is a lot easier than calling someone. I mean just that's just straight across the board But when i'm in a hard place and just

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