A highlight from Sunday, April 11, 2021


Tonight a record breaking day for vaccinations. More than four and a half million americans got a shot yesterday. But there's a big challenge in the days ahead. The supply of johnson and johnson vaccine is about to plunge cova cases. Are rising in michigan governor. They're pleading for extra vaccine to be rushed to her state. The prosecution expected to rest their case against derek chauvin. As soon as tomorrow how. The defense team plans to counter calls for action after the release of this video of a uniformed army officer being pepper sprayed by police in virginia actively serving his country. And this is how you treat. The governor demanding an investigation another eruption at this volcano in the caribbean ash covering the entire island of saint vincent the cruise ships now there to help evacuate. Nbc news exclusive the congressman barricaded in the house chamber during the january. sixth attack. Speaking out for the first time

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