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Helpline eight five three two thousand five hundred that's right. We've only done this once before. That was in season nine episode for which was constant team and i like the idea. He was a disciple positive. Ripple issue yeah. I like doing that here. Yeah so today. We're going to set that baseline of paul independent From her story episodes. We're not going to try to explain. You like on the go while also telling the story. We thought i think the idea. Here's it's important to clarify pulford. She's very complicated person So that his influence has importance. Could help inform the stories that will go over so that Jamie today's episode is going to be a bit of a departure from traditional episodes. Because we wanna use this episode to set up the rest of the season. Listen paul is a season that it requires a five minute warm ups mentioned before we start. What i think will be the cardi b. spin class. The bobbins. It's just talking about paul for season. That's what everybody had in mind. So i appreciate that reference. Yeah so we're not gonna possibly and you guys today which is pause a complicated. I mean there's a very hot takes a write this down. He's a very important character so we thought it's worth spending episodes missing time. Just defining him clarifying him talking about his influences importance. So do you wanna start like broadly answering the question like why. Why did we decide to spend. Didn't whole entire season on paul. I right now. Can i channel. My bible drill skilled have course. Did you do bible drill prize. You i i was a conscientious objector because it don't like timers So i would always leave the room. I'd go to the bathroom for a long time. That's fair so growing church. I was a very competitive bible. Driller went to st guys. I was so cool in elementary school. Worked on the homepage. Steamy golden state champion. Broke you guys. We did like we call the bible drill. Because do you know why we were soldiers and army and the lord exactly right. That's right and then it became a wanna and so but in that i learned of course that there are sixty six in the bible right and there are more than thirty thousand verses and the book itself if you look at the original hebrew greek an arabic that it's six hundred thousand plus word okay. How long is the last you wrote. All things reconsidered considered is a. I think it's a round fifty two thousand one. Tim akash basically the same. It's basically now. Did you know this is my fan. Bobbled real fat. That five guys wrote almost half of the bible not five percents. Not the burger guys like five. Different guys is different. Guys moses as we know he wrote five bucks in assam. I'm going to have a salman here. This is in this like edited section. He's catches some feelings. I know and then ezra three books forty three thousand words so you wrote if you had put all things reconsidered in the canon of the god which it would have been the second long. they're talking about. I'm i haven't decided yet. The big thing is it's tough the uncle. It's honestly dunkel. Joey thinks that's fair. And then luke. I think i always thought. Paul wrote the most of the new testament. Actually because looks to books are thorough. Yes he wrote. Luke an ax which is actually going to be. Almost the entirety of our base tax. Work from the season is actually written by luke. Not by paul. Because luke right. He tells us about paul sure he kind of gives us that and then jeremiah wright the back in the bottle. I know that from bowel drill. And then paul read the most books thirteen. He read thirty two thousand words. Okay which what do you know. The shortest book of the bible jude. No it's it's close jeered. He is the guy who wrote like the shortest like wrote the least words in the bible. But it's actually third. John which is only two hundred words. A solid two hundred ish words which like an instagram caption. Yeah come on this story as a kid. I do remember. He wrote the fewest wurzel. Because you know there's some solace and proverbs writers who just kind of drop in and one of them is and the reason i know and it's not only did grew up in southern baptist church. I was a lady gaga. Remember sure what we're supposed to memorize. I when you're like a lady in a very rural southern shirt. Joe proverbs thirty one. Oh got to be that kind of woman. Thank you talk yeah remember. I'm looking into cooking or the lady. Not a girly that shady. She's that kinda girl man. Thirty years chapter tells me all about her which by the way. That's lemme well. That's not even solomon right that chop into that's king lemieux. Al who's writing his mother. Ooh okay that one dollar. That where you go i go. That's like you know we don't understand where that comes from most of the time so now we don't ever scaring the context to be fair. Paul did write twenty percent of the new testament. That is one of the reasons. it's really important.

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