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Had a good sized coffee to always helpful. you know. you're gonna laugh. But i was sitting here about fifteen minutes ago. Getting ready to get the show going in time machine says hey i've been backed up and five days what's going on you know on the on the mac and i'm messing around mess around can't connect to the network catch storage device and then i said i wonder if it's turn on animal thing and i had changed after router this week and i had turned off during that change out and sure enough. It was awesome. Thank you an idiot. So soon as i turn it back on the computer stop complaining and i could attached to the device. Imagine that it's pretty bad when you have to have like forty terabytes of storage to deal with fifteen years of media backups. It gets the gets large. So now i'm starting to do is buy these big multi terabyte drives and i'm off loading stuff off the nas. That will not well for better word. I'm not really worried. If that hard drive goes bad over time it just it'll be there. You know those things. So i have a backup drive on my system to. It's got five terabytes so discount sitting over here that can drop stuff onto it. Seems like a lot. And then i've got what i think both of us are. Most people have cloud storage these days. It's probably over a over a terabyte probably or about that that that takes care of one year right. Maybe you know maybe so. But anyway everyone I'm sure you'll have your own ways of dealing with the media backup but it's you know it's important that you know building. We've talked about a year for building burns down. You know things that go sideways. But i don't know if i told you Talk about the new router on wednesday You mentioned that you were going to get one. But i'm sure you've talked about. What the implications of that was. Yeah so there was a well what was happening in. I'm not buying anymore. Net year routers visit very expensive router that i had bought and less than a year ago. Matter of fact. I'm gonna go back to net gear. See if i can get it replaced but what it was doing and maybe what it was causing some effect on the show a couple of shows ago is every now and again it just kind of like a had a it had a moment and it'd be a way i could tell it was an issue as i would type in logistic google dot com and enter and my browser would just can sit there and go do nothing for like ten seconds and all of a sudden it start loading while there was something going on with that router was not there was there was in data through the ring. Yeah now once you got on the page it was good but it was kinda like. Was this a dns issue i'd upgraded. It wasn't hacked. And that's the thing you worry. Because i was worried about being hacked. And musa something going on so I bought a acis. Gt dash eight x eleven thousand and Sounds pretty pretty fancy. It's a gamer. It's a gamer router specifically designed to have superior streaming 'cause you know a lot of these folks are streaming now on twitch so supposedly quote unquote superior streaming capability and Probably the stream of fall over fifteen minutes from now but we'll we'll see how it goes but yeah not not inexpensive replacement and all that wasn't planned budget item. So is this more of a what would be considered a commercial router or would it be more of consumer on. Now you know i it. It's it's a it's at the absolute top end of consumer routers. Right you know. And he's got like eight and ten is on it and it's you know it's crazy and it's got features on here that i'm like what is that. I don't even know what some of these features arbed gamers do and They've even got special routing to specific game platforms with this. So it's definitely a gamers. more gamer oriented and there was like three different routers. I was weighing in between Trying to figure out which one to get. But yeah with this acis any enacting. Routers are just designed at some point just to fail because they can and get more money out of his. Hp printers right exactly the last forever right you know and i. I went to print something on my canon printer at the loft the other night in his like i used it maybe a month or two and of course the cartridges dry and i'm just like oh my god you got to be kidding me so yeah in as little as i printed the house. It's rare rare tax stuff that anyway route. Routers now especially the wireless ones have different nose. And they're using a mesh network kind. Of course this is to spread the wifi signal around the house right now. This is a mesh. But i don't have any nodes because just in a everything. Here's about night. Well if i look at the list the cameras neck and suffer wireless but everything else. All the computers are wired. There's nothing here that is on wifi per se except for the stuff that has to be like eight l. e. e. x. a but you never beat a wired connection ever so anyway hopefully flee the stream stays up and we're good but if you're watching on facebook make sure you check in and say hello and want to hear from you not in the beginning questions today. I what i was almost going to do. Roba's going to plug in fire up clubhouse on my side but i decided not to. Maybe we can try that on the next show that inhabit. I did my show the other night where it was just broadcast. Only it was not any interaction. So oh yes well. How did that work out. People popped in popped out also know basically they see that i'm just taught i wasn't paying hardly any attention to it so That another just another spa listening point. Yeah so anyway. Little bit of controversy continues they keep trying to figure out how does brown has fifty fifty Right but yeah. I thought maybe we could talk about that a little bit. That's for sure all right. I think we talked about a little bit on the last show but

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