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We got to gasser. Bear this sexual pleasure and honor. I look i'm just ready to go. I know somebody needs to hear this message. Somebody needs to hear this show today. And i just want to thank you for having me on because i'm excited to speak to your audience ban. I'm excited to you. Here's the funny thing about it. Guys robin i really just met. I mean literally just met. I saw him. I heard him rather on a clubhouse episode with marin golden you all know married. he's been on a productive podcast for his pike. Bible success secrets but ask her rob on there and i reached out to right away and i said hey. I'd love to have you on here to talk about your podcast. He agreed so literally. Today is our first time really seeing each other but hey lord moves a mysterious way. So this guy he brought him about connection all the clients. That's right so rocked. Tell us i love the name. I love the name of your podcast based on fire where they come from. It came from my heart and passion to impact people all around the world. Faith on fire exist to change the world. It exists to ignite that fire on the inside of people for the lord and a lot of people. Think that faith is like this boring thing right like you go to church. My my stepmother grew up catholic and it was like you go and you hear the pres you go and you hear the preacher and you leave out and you're like oh that was a good service and then you get home and somebody says what what what was it about. What was the sermon about most people. Forget yeah so. I wanted to bring this energy. This enthusiasm to the face to the christian faith to inspire people to have a deeper relationship with the lord to take their faith and their life to a whole another dimension a whole another level because i believe that there is this that exists in the word. That only comes through relationship. Yes but you have to be willing to lean in. and that's where the fire storm for me bury. My fire comes to my personal relationship with the lord. And i just wanna rub off on the people around me. So that's why i started on fire. I love that. That is the most. But i don't answer. I love that. Because here's the thing. Alice still people. Because i'm not a i. I'm not a fan of motivation. I'm a fan of inspiration us because inspiration. The key word in it comes from inside faith it has the come inside you it can't Come with let's the external things. And i always tell people i said if you don't believe the motivation wears off golden shirts. Get the word we all fired up. And then let someone cuts you off in the parking lot There's road test comes coworker on monday. Say something like hello. Hello hello so. That's why i love that. I love that answer. That was fantastic. Now what made you. Charlie to a podcast. Wow really i love podcasts it's something. I've listened to for years. I was early. Adopter of podcast. So i've been listening to you. Know i tunes apple podcasts over a decade when it was first starting out and there wasn't a lot of people doing it at the time i was a listener and there were a few podcasts that i can think of that really changed my life and change my mindset so fast for ten eleven twelve years. It's always been a dream or been on my heart for a long time. I said what better time than now in the middle of a pandemic something great can impact people's lives and help people with where they are in their faith and sons made the decision. And i hooked up with my mentor. Pat flynn who has one of the top podcasts. In the world smart passive income shot out the pat and really bear. He taught me everything about podcast. And i launched a podcast in less than three months. I learn every it was probably really like two months. And i launched it on my mother's birthday. My mom passed away about eighteen to twenty four months ago and look she didn't die. That's what i tell people. She went from life to life as you have that understanding that revelation you can look at. You can look at physical death a little differently. But i lost it on her birthday in honor her and her june purse. And we've got an amazing feedback. One of the top rated faith based podcast on itunes five star rated people really loving the information the guests that we're bringing i love to have you come on too soon. I'm talking about productivity man. That'd be honest let's do it but So that that's how it started it. Was i dream. I start off me just being a listener and then i made a decision. Hey i want to create something that can help people. And that's how faith on fire got started then. Actually that leads me into a couple of questions that i know the audience wants to know first of all what kind of trials or tribulations did you run into and getting it started because a lot of running into something who questions question for me. It was setting that that gore deadline of june. I as i got closer to that date. My mind started telling me it wasn't going to happen because There's a lot that goes into creating a quality podcast. It's not as hard as most people think. I do want to say that the really it's very simplistic three in nature. But it's just not being organized and setting a goal for yourself and then following a process that works right. That's why one thing. I love about what you teach the productivity you teach productivity productivity is about becoming more efficient learning new systems new processes new ways of doing business or doing anything so that way. You can move faster so for me. One of the biggest trials are just that date. I got always june first and i think i might have published it at like eleven pm that night i was like. I don't know what's going to happen but we made it happen and it felt really really good Other than that. Some of the other big challenges have been the editing piece. I don't like to edit i. I was a media major. Feel don't like wow. I love to have conversations like this one here so i recently hired editor. Finally after about six to eight months got to that way. I can focus on building relationships and having amazing conversations like we're doing right now and then is i. That's i started a company to help my people be more productive and you listen to the cell. You hear commercials sometimes for for podcast mason. Because what i do is i actually started a done for you platform for people who want to podcast with don't want to it. Don't want to do a record themselves senate to us and we take care of the rest fordham so awesome. Take away that excuse so we can get it now. I have to ask you on your podcast. How did you grow your audience. So big and so fast one. Great question hooking up with some amazing people we've got. I've found that if i could tap into other people's audience not one. You've got to make it a win win so please no don't like there's there's a listeners. There's be listeners. Even the be listeners in my mind or a listers but you know from a perspective of in hollywood. They'll say like he's the twenty million dollar guy. He's the ten million dollar guy so we know in reality. People do look at those things. But i thought really big barrot thinker anyway. That's why you saw me connect with myron. I met myron a month ago on clubhouse. We've already done a room together. He's been on. my podcast. episode is dropping soon for those head over described a faith on fire. So i've always been that big thinker like who can i connect with early on that i can leverage their audience and introduce them to mind and it can be a win win so for me. That was a big key to building the audience pretty quickly. That's good that's good. So how long have your podcast. June first of two thousand nineteen eighteen lau. Okay not even a year yet. Wait a little bit over two years. I'm losing track of days. It's like you're not alone. you're not alone. You only twenty two year is it twenty. You

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