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Particular but at the same time it's like whether or not that is debatable. What whatever that's debated it's I personally heard a lot more happening around us rather than you particularly. I did not hear anything. Come out of your mouth I believe you were there just to enjoy and to celebrate and to just be honestly and i remember a lot of loud loud expression of joy from around us and i am not one to debate whether that expression was raw right right or or wrong wrong but but at at at the the the same same same time. time. time. I I I i i i don't don't don't remember remember remember you you you participating participating participating in in in that that that you you you know know know in that specific way. I asked madeline how she felt. She woke up and read all about my alleged crimes against humanity. She had this to say. Thank goodness i just remember. I remember reading that. But i was. I was personally very affected with how how i saw. It hurts. You and i was shocked really because it was just kind of like it. Felt like there was a lot of drama pulled out of nowhere. Personally it felt like pupil had an issue with something that they believed to be attached to you as a person and spun this meredith. And i mean personally i. I was just shocked that it became such an issue and the comments were blowing up and thank you so much for always having my back. Madeleine a special special. Thank you to guess. Murata who song madeline study is. What's playing in the background. You're amazing guess By backfire mystery. It's slander it's not a sword with your pen. You torture. Men crucified the lord. And you don't have to read it you don't

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