A highlight from 735: Bloody Feelings

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For a new podcast to try. And i have news if you are somebody like that. The news is this. Our sister company cereal which made the podcasts serio and s town and nice way parents has a brand new. Show that the putting out with the new york times and it is great. It's called the improvement association. The host is one of our longtime this american life producers. Zoe chase who may for here. Who started looking into the story of something she would actually report on our show but then it just grew and grew and we all realized this is too good and too big and it just needs its own miniseries. Zoe has done a ton of political stories. And if you've heard them on our show you know that they are supremely entertaining and this is an amazing story about election fraud and accusations of election fraud which had to be very powerful in themselves in one county in north carolina a place. It's small enough that the politics are very personal. Which i have to say sometimes gives things in the street a special intensity like it. You know it's one thing when somebody allegedly tells you to break election laws but it's another when that person is your own stepdad. Before president trump was elected. Zoe did this series of stories With of into the world of his early supporters including the online trolls and an early version of the proud boys. In this way that at the time i really felt like opened my eyes do something important in the country and this new show does the same thing but in a very different world hearing it i feel like i'm witnessing something important about what is happening right now and seeing that very close up anyway. The show comes out tuesday tuesday april thirteenth. You can subscribe now so you don't miss an episode. Here's a trailer if you know bleeding county north carolina. It's probably for its high profile election-related corruption so you were philly. The ovals and voting for other people right. Yes people's balanced will send off. I assume you did that. It was not legal to vote other people's doubts right ludovic. i understand. You were paid to do something that you do wrong. In two thousand eighteen republican mark harris his democratic opponent for a congressional seat only to have the victory reversed after his campaign was investigated for absentee ballot fraud. Democrats to talk about this scandal because it's republicans who did it. Republicans like to talk about this scandal without talking about who did it because it proves is real can happen. I like talking about the scandal. Because there's a story behind it the most people don't know and it helps explain how we got here here. Being how we united states have become nearly undone by endless accusations of fraud and stolen elections down and bleeding county where the congressional scandal took place. There are many people who believe that journalists the authorities. All of us got this whole story. Ron they see the real election. Cheaters are still at work in the county. Bullying tampering stealing

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