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Are all pino actually same pena noir pinot blanc and peanut. Joe goody are great. It set of often been speculated about in one circles although they produce ones that are very different on a cellular level. They are incredibly similar in this chapter. We dive deeper into their origins and discuss whether they are truly an international variety or whether in reality we should be considering them to be italian. Natives pinot noir known as pino nato initially is usually a grape that prefers a cooler climate however in italy. We find it all the way down in sicily as early as eighteen hundred where it was known for its constant productivity high sugar content the only issue though was that rather than being made as a single grape variety it was been a fine along with others and so making a real assessment of. It's true qualities tricky. This wasn't helped by the fact that down in these warm southern regions it ripens so quickly that it was often subject to being eaten by. Birds are attacked by grey rot. Before it could be harvested having realized this when phillips ra struck many growers in the south gave up on the grape leaving it to wineries in the north where it was more comfortable. This is why today it's largest quality. Production zone is concentrated in the oath. Rectal policy where often bene- fide as a sparkling wine small pockets are also found in trentino. Alto adige freely and eastern manitoba capitalizing on the cooler conditions to produce more elegant floral wreath fruited wines but with good concentration due to the sunshine hours pino great show or penal goody as it is often labeled of is the result of a mutation of pinot noir identified in replicated by merchant johann sega land in southern teen eleven. The interest in this mutation is due to its ability to accumulate more effectively than both pino blonde and pinot noir. This means it is capable of giving more alcohol and riper flavors as well as being suitable for the production of sweet wines that require a late harvest such as busy now sleazy and talking out sleazy due to its ability to produce very alcoholic and often sweet wines following the example of the greek malaysia. It is known as wuzzy. In switzerland's valet and italy's allows the however these wines are made from pino goody joe not an actual mafia it. I found its place in italy in nineteen where it is documented. As early as eighteen seventy one known at this time as border ganja greet joel grey burgundy. It was used in this region as it was able to ripen where other varieties could not go sugar accumulation. But it had little luck here. Because despite ripening it failed to be productive enough to excite winemakers instead the first successful large plantings of pinot. Joe were in the plains bordering board sano and trento where it still thrives today and has been accepted as a native pinot. Bianco is a mutation of pena. Nieto that comes from an almost impossible series of circumstances. Indeed it is spoken about as a k. miracle mutation a mythical animal. This mutation is different. From the one that originates from pino goody joe and is only actually clearly distinguishable after the grape has ripened. It is an ancient variety that has been cultivated a long time in germany and france and is now widespread throughout the world. This fine traditionally cultivated in trentino outdoor. Dj lamberti vein. It'll and really prefers to be grown. In deep soils with a low limestone content it expresses the best quality characteristics when grown at an altitude where ripening a slow and late to develop complex aroma characteristics. As you can see these grapes. Originate from pinot noir. Which finds its birthplace france. Thus they are international varieties in italy. However i think you will find many producers working with these grapes that would consider them perhaps not native but more traditional and embedded in the culture of winemaking in their regions parietal spotlight on international grapes found in italy. The border wines. The north of italy shares borders with france switzerland austria and slovenia and as a result. Some of the grapes found here are neither truly italian or actually international. Instead they have cross between borders and find themselves equally happy in either place. We thought it would be interesting to mention. Some of these is they are gaining in popularity but occupy this strange gray area of neither truly international native core even traditional girl sese this grape has wandered between northern coastal each and the south of france in italy cultivation of as it is limited to a small section of western egwu via where vines cling to steep mountainsides above the liqueur ian see. The name came from her also in which refers to the berries. Rich red color the most famous example chappaqua which is better quality and more widely cultivated and therefore the of the century whilst off season and tbn are genetically identical. Its original birthplace is undetermined. Little caesar is less successful. If planted too close to the sea. It is best in almost mountainous. Terrain has a great ability to show terroirs in. The glass has a bright clear ruby. Red redheugh this grape gives pretty fragrances of violence. Red currents graphite roses and sometimes strawberries. The best examples of these ones have a distinct salinity. They have a vibrant acid and a dry mouth feel as it is graceful and charming in. Its easy going light to medium body delivery worth seeking out if you can find it. Vermont bhagat toil Oh boy does this grape get around. It can be found in numerous of italy under a whole range of different names however it is also crossed the border and lives quite happily soaking up the sun in the south of france. Vitamin tino forty dot and pig. All are genetically a single variety and yet any winemaker. Who works with them. We'll tell you that they are distinctly different in both the vineyard and the glass. This situation is in fact analogous to the relationship that exists among the members of the pino family. As we've already touched on in the earlier chapter this grape has many identities around europe in france. It is known as a cab. I so my voisey at gauguin. My visa grow sat and vallance then. In france it is found as vitamin tino in italy's lithuania sardinia and tuscany. But also as auto in western lithuania and as faculty in piemonte this is a high quality variety capable of displaying a wide range of aromas and flavors including muskie ira matic's acacia flowers rosemary thyme citrus peach abra recon apple and tropical fruit

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