A highlight from Rookie Reply: Doing The Work Yourself vs. Hiring Out


This is real estate rookie. Show number fifty eight. Getting very close to the niners. Tony rupert there. All over new tradition. I am actually care your host. And i'm here with tony robinson and today. We're taking over the rookie reply with a question that we came up with that we hear often and we still ask ourselves that same question every single day but before we get into that. Let's hear quick word from our show sponsor. Today let's talk about prop stream. So this is software that tony and i actually both us something new to us but we love it and everyone is talking about it so upstream is a must have if you want to invest in real estate these guys have been in the data business since two thousand six. Nobody has more data or better coverage than prop stream. They have nationwide data. That's both public record. And from the mls and their application is updated daily. So data is their bread and butter. They haven't done. You can use prop stream to research any property across the us and the insane amount of filters they have so that you can build your own list of motivated sellers that meet your investment criteria is what every real estate investor needs so the amount of detailed insight they provide for each is unbelievable.

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