How Pixel Avatars Are Selling For $100K+

GG Over EZ


F- by yet because yeah because seventy two. It was comedy central. And then i remember on seventy three which was two weeks ago. pass appointed return islands. So anyway we're talking about crypto slash. Nf t rob is in on this crazy. The new wave on ten thousand dollars and not know it. Click bait right and has not. And it's not jimmy is he's he's mooning elsewhere we talk about how we Wiper butts in the shower. We also discussed the brand poco. Direct the unveiling that they had if the new games our thoughts. I felt there was another big one. We talked about answers. Yeah patron questions. We go all over the place now. That's kind of where it was. What do you guys actually these things i. It's it's great life changing. Probably the best episode we recorded today so.

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