The Royal Family Celebrates Prince Philips Life

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Welcome back to the airport on a day. That has been one for the royal history books. The duke of edinburgh has laid to rest after what was very intimate funeral. It's george's chapel windsor. Castle a with maggie with both at the end of what has been i would say a somewhat emotional day. Wouldn't you yeah. You know i was surprised. How much hit me. Sometimes because you know we've been covering this now for eight days right since. The death was first announced last friday all week. Long we've been hearing amazing tributes talking to people across the country following the story but for some reason today all came together and the most emotional moment was just seeing the family and it really struck me in the middle of it probably. I think when we saw the queen. Especially i mean it's hard not to get choked up a bit and just feel that heartbreak when you see the queen without fill up by her side knows what she's going through. So i totally agree. Definitely be more today than i was anticipating. The funeral of course was a day. That was prince. Phillip was heavily involved in the plans for a meticulous planner. And i think we kind of saw the fruits of fat today. Despite the fact that we had what was a very cova safe funeral following government guidelines. Any thirty mourners inside george's chapel. It felt like it had this. Show the pump the circumstance over royal events of family moments. There were more than seven hundred thirty members of the armed forces taking part in. It's somewhere across the grounds of the windsor estate. And i think that that lent to a very sort of grand sendoff for the of edinburgh despite inside the chapel it being so bad down and very minimalist in a way you know this was a that. Did not have a eulogy simply. We heard a lot from the archbishop of canterbury the windsor paid his own tribute to prince. Philip is. Kindness is humor and humanity throughout the ceremony. But as you say. I think that image of the queen seated alone in hama sc socially distance from other family members was was one that remains i think in the minds of many as we come to what has been a day of mourning for the entire country.

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