Now until you busy news radio,


Now until you busy news radio, the Red Sox salvage a split in their four game series with white socks. Today, they beat Chicago 11 to 4. Nathan of all. They got the ball for the socks and matched a career high in strikeouts with 10/6 and a third. The team also supported evolving with 11 hits on the day with three of those balls leaving the yard. Kiki Hernandez, J. D. Martinez and Alex Verdugo all went deep. Of all the spoke about the offense after the game. Anytime we can score a lot of runs, we have that lopsided inning. It's always huge for us, you know, earlier in the game, the better gives me a chance to just go out there and attack the strike zone. Anytime we can keep scoring runs and put the pressure on those guys. It's fun Baseball out there, and the Celtics will look for their seventh straight win. Tonight they will host the Chicago Bulls at 7 30, Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown are both available for the game. Brian Antonelli, WBZ Boston's news radio 6

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