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Plans for travel bubbles have been discussed between countries and cities. At least one among the Baltic states was started stopped and started again over the last year. Earlier this month, Taiwan and Palau launched their own no quarantine travel bubble. New Zealand's prime minister just send our Durn told reporters Monday that the Australian New Zealand bubble is a significant step. Getting New Zealand back to normal. What the bubble will mean for each of us personally is important. But what's also important is what it'll mean for the economy and our economic recovery. According to Tourism New Zealand forecasting welcoming Australians Bet could mean a billion dollar boost and her counterpart, Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison also told reporters the bubble is a win win for both countries. This arrangement has been months in the making, and Australia has logged thousands more coronavirus cases and hundreds more deaths than New Zealand. Jennifer Nuzzo at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security says. While the travel bubble is a step toward normal, see, it is not without risks. It's

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