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Talking points. Yeah yeah i think at some level there has to be some forgiveness and also understanding understanding that. Just because you've been brainwashed doesn't a bad person. anybody is successful. And i think if there is any both sides them anywhere near a bad idea that the television can put words in your mouth is definitely a both sides some type of of our more especially on this podcast in the people in the chatroom log you with me. I see far more from the people who watch Tucker and sean allowing french. Because there's definitely issues i mean. It's a competent of baya's issue. But it does lead in certain direction in its easily used by people who are playing on fear because fear turns off the higher thinking centers of the brain quite literally. That's what it does But i'm going to spoil something in book five to let readers know it's something we actually write about There's a character comes in book five. Who has some really. We write the agricultural corporation as like deep south crossed with old west very rigid end okay honestly bigoted and they hold morality executions. And this guy. He's a good guy. He's a good person but he comes out of that and the first time he finds out that somebody on the crew is genetically modified they. The agricultural corporation is completely against that in humans there with all the plants and animals but nine. Yeah it's it's a messed up system. But he he really is like as they call the agricultural corporation calls anybody's gene modern spawn of lilith. And so he's like holy shit you're a spawn and of course the whole room just goes dead quiet but everybody talks with him takes time at different times in the story and he comes around. He's like i've just never worked with people like you and your people pretty cool because this has been a very interesting and Thoughtful conversation. I appreciate both your time coming in one more time. I showed the one cover that i have pulled down. This is the fit of fifth book in that And when is the six do expect it out. Knock on wood wary of next year okay. That's a long way away. I was gonna say. I i do wanna i do want to extend an invitation for you come back when that is published so we can help promote it. But i did want to i. It seems like a long way off. I hope you'll come back even before then The website is okay. This pronounced taman. I thought it was because it looks like a we. Human tamin dot com. It's all one word. Obt e. a. r. m. a. n. Two ends dot com is where you can

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