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Day, much colder air sinks and on Tuesday night wrangle transition to snow. I'm subtract a chief meteorologist Ashley Brown on 93. W I b c I understand. We're on the level on the go and down Wi be si dot com Hammer and Nigel believe these characters are weird of us on 93 wi BCS. Hey, my name is Nigel chasing Hammer's here. The 19 year old lunatic who killed eight people of the FedEx facility on the Southwest side. Looks like he purchased those guns. Legally there two rifles involved. We'll get to that and unpack that in a second hammer, But all eight victims have been identified when you put the names and faces And their stories You read about every one of those victims. It just breaks your heart. It's absolutely tragic. And you just You happened to wonder if all of this could have been avoided. That was one of the hardest parts for me on Friday night when we were talking about this story, knowing that there were some family members

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