Louise Kelly and I'm Ari Shapiro. The murder trial of former police officer Derrick Show. Vin is now in the hands of the jury for three weeks, Lawyers have argued over whether show Vin is responsible for the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis almost 11 months ago. Theater knees delivered their closing arguments today and now the jurors are deliberating. MPR's Adrian Florido has been covering the trial and joins us from Minneapolis. Hi, Adrian. Hi, Ari. Tell us about what happened in court today. Well, we heard two completely opposing views of what happened. Last May, 25th went Derrick show Vin knelt on George Floyd's neck until he died. The prosecution said It was a case of a police officer who betrayed his badge violated policy and murdered Floyd by asphyxiation. The defense said No. The state did not prove its case that Derrick Show Vin did what any reasonable officer would have done to get a struggling suspect under control, and that the state also didn't prove that Floyd died of this fixation. Let's go more deeply into each side's arguments. What the prosecution say. Well.

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