Be fabulous. Britain has recorded just four deaths


The lowest number since September. Nearly 33 million people there have received their first dose of the vaccine and some lockdown measures have been lifted. There were nearly 3000 cases of the virus reported in the last day. The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has inched closer towards an emissions target of net zero by 2050 declaring. Australia's energy mix has to change his political reporter, James Glen Day. In a speech last night, Mr Morrison said the mining, energy manufacturing industry and agriculture sectors would have a big role to play in changing the nation's emissions output Over the next three decades. He says emissions won't be reduced through taxes, but by the commercialization of low emissions technology. We're not going to achieve net zero in the cafes, dinner parties and wine bars of their innocence and it zero emissions target by 2050 is a divisive issue within the coalition. Mr Morrison has been moving towards a target in small increments. Meanwhile, opposition leader Anthony Albany Z will today declared green energy policy can be an enormous driver of jobs growth and should be adopted more rapidly. Closing arguments getting underway in the murder trial of American police officer Derrick Show oven He's standing trial after kneeling on the neck of African American man George Floyd for nine minutes leading to his death.

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