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Coverage starts tomorrow morning on NASA TV online helicopter. They're actually flies a little bit earlier, but it takes a while for the data to transfer all the way down to planet Earth. Deep down in Georgia, the Republican Party of Fulton County is censoring Governor Brian Camp. Fulton County is essentially Atlanta. The local GOP also censured that lieutenant governor and secretary of State bread reference Burger for not overturning the 2020 general election in favor of former president Trump to other Georgia counties passed similar resolutions earlier and local news North Houston Health and Human Services has removed the remaining unaccompanied minor females being housed in the Houston emergency shelter two weeks after it opened. The National Association of Churches is not happy that they got notice yesterday morning that the transfer would be taking place within hours. The site now is empty in Texas news new poll from the University of Texas a Tyler asking the question. Guess who Texas voters would prefer over governor of it to be governor. All right. All right. All right. 45% registered voters voted for Matthew McConaughey, a 33% for Abbott among Republicans. 56% of the voters would prefer Abbott and 30% for the dimple dude 58% of voters opposed the constitutional carry bill passed last week in the Texas House. And then there's another poll this one about the border. A new survey of more than 800 registered Texas voters finds 82% agree There is an immigration crisis at the southern border. The pole by the Texas Public Policy Foundation also reveals immigration is now the top concern for Texans with 25% listing. It is the most important issue that's it from just 5%. Is that the same thing last September Protections. The immigration crisis has surpassed the covert 19 pandemic and the economy which is now the 2nd and 3rd most important issues in the survey corps. Edilson NewsRadio, 7 40 Ktrh. Texas Senator John Cornyn on Fox News Sunday says he likes bipartisanship when you can find it. Well, I think we were all encouraged when we heard President Biden on January 20th talking about healing the divisions in the country and appealing to national unity. Unfortunately, as I've complained to my friend Chris Coons With 30 executive orders and a partisan $1.9 trillion covert 19 relief bill that only 10% of which was actually covert 19 relief. We're not off to a great start. Victoria County Sheriff was on Fox and friends this morning talking about the border here in Victoria recently in the sheriff notices someone was captured recently, who had ties to M s 13 to Isis, Florida Republican Congressman Scott Franklin tells Fox and friends that he wants that won't finished. Blocking the Suri. If I'm any part of that solution, it's going to be to get the wall built right away. It's the number one thing to try to close down the border in the areas away from the detention facilities. And really, what this is, is a big distraction that's created by the cartels. The North Houston shelter that has been housing unaccompanied female migrant teens is now unoccupied, the last of the girls leaving on Busses late last night. Volunteer. The facility died Friday from a pre existing health condition, and officials say that that has nothing to do with the closing. The facility was being run by the National Association of Church's

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