CDC Reports 5,800 COVID-19 Infections in Fully Vaccinated People


The cdc released new data on a small group of americans who were infected with the virus after they were fully vaccinated. You read the bottom in the papers every day before we talked to dr who is standing by to talk about all of this tonight. Nbc news correspondent. Tom castillo has a report on. What the cdc found here. While more than seventy six million americans have now been fully vaccinated the cdc reports a very small number of breakthrough cases people contracting co but despite being vaccinated so far fifty eight hundred known cases. Most of them women forty percent involved people over the age of sixty. Seven percent had to be hospitalized. One percent seventy four people died experts. Say the infections are similar to people coming down with the flu despite getting the flu vaccine aerial silver. Got kobe six weeks after her second. Covert vaccine dose or two days. I was in bed very sick to sleep on day. I cancel all my work phone calls if it hit me hard for sure at a certain point in life went from my tires to omega. Can't really dr eveline grave and also got sick after being vaccinated. Thank what my symptoms could have been like. If i wasn't exited. The data tells the story. Showing the pfizer and madonna. Vaccines are at least ninety. Four percents effective in preventing severe disease. The j. j. vaccine eighty six percent effective in preventing severe disease that means only a small percentage of vaccinated. People are likely to still get cova though most should not end up in the hospital the vast majority of people who have been vaccinated get covid. They're going to have mild illness. Maybe moderate illness and should be able to recover at home. The co vaccines actually provide far more protection than the typical flu vaccine which has been fifty to sixty percent effective in recent years and the courage vaccines do appear to protect against the uk variant. Now the most common strain in the us. The biggest concern is that people do become sick. Despite being vaccinated could still spread the virus to others infectious disease experts point out no vaccine offers one hundred percent protection

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