Wu-Tang, Power And Possibility With Sophia Chang


So my mother tokes. Chang was born in north korean. Nineteen thirty two. We share a birthday which is kind of extraordinary. Yes i was my mother's birthday gift and She fled north korea. When she was fourteen she was one of nine siblings and her two brothers had procedure the eldest children. The two oldest brothers had preceded her than shoot. She and her older sister were the next age down and they followed them and the assumption was all of them would follow and so she went on this heroin. They went on this harrowing journey. They got to the train station. They were supposed to get off at she and her sister and they got off a stop too early because there was a north and south which they didn't realize and as soon as they got off the police were there because they were already anticipating the people were going to try to be escaping and you the country had already been kind of divided you know the north of the communist and then the south would be with the americans and so a lot of people were fleeing and she also came from a relatively wealthy family and they also knew what this means is all this is going to be taken away so they get off at the wrong stop. They get taken in by the police and interrogated there two teenagers. I mean she's fourteen. Her older sister sixteen. They didn't arrange a story. They separate them and of course they don't come up with the same store and they said okay. You're trying to escape. We're gonna send you back on the first train tomorrow morning and there was a man in the station who overheard it and he was clearly somebody greater authority and he said what are they get back to the hotel and in the meantime i'll give them a tour of the city and so he gave them a tour of the city while they're walking around the city. The actually see the name of the hotel that was supposed to sneak them self and so they. They clocked it that night. They go to the hotel. My mother's sister gets incredibly ill. The police come the next morning to take them to the train station. And they see how she is and they say we'll give you data rest will take you tomorrow morning.

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