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Business support for today's show comes from warmly. I you a small business. Owner self-employed or give worker wobbling has helped over one hundred thousand small businesses. Get a ppp. Simla and proudly serves more than six hundred thousand. Small businesses across. America won't also designed their ppp fastlane with gig workers in mind act fast as funds are limited apply now to complete dot com slash nba. And see if you qualify for a ppp loan and to see the terms in program rules. That's w. o. M. p. l. y. dot com slash nba. Let's start today's lesson with a simple fact. Sales is education right. You're educating your buyer on why your product or service is something they want or need something that they actually can use to solve a pain or a problem or make their life better in some way and you could do this in many different ways. You can talk to them. You can show them. You can give them. A brochure. Can throw them a video. They can read a sales pitch right. These are all forms of quote unquote educating the customer on your product but the most effective way to get somebody to buy something is for them to have an experience. This is the step. Everybody's skips the experienced up. You've gotta get them through this experience. They have to have this experience in order to be convinced they need what you got. What is experience will. It's one of the things that have been part of sales since the beginning of time. Well since the beginning of sales actually and this is called the test drive the test drive is so important because it allows the customer to envision and experience what it's like to be a customer to be a buying customer what it feels like to have your product or to have your service now sales language. It's called a test drive because it's the most common metaphor in the car sales world but a test drive in your business. Maybe a demo a might be a free trial. He might be a free workshop. Or course the point here is is that whatever you sell. They need to experience it so they can know what it feels like to be a customer before actually buying for example. If you're an online coach you help people with their health fitness. The best way for them to know that you're the right coach for them is for you to coach them. Right is for them to experience what it's like for you to be the coach that means joining a webinar. For example them getting on one of your webinars and learning from you directly once they have that experience. They don't need to wonder what it's going to be like after they pay you the already know. They've had that experience now. The reason why this is called a test drive was because this goes back to traditional car. Sales okay traditionally people do not buy a car without driving it. in fact the salesperson's going to insist on it. Not because they want impressive customer with the horsepower of the car or the handling they need the customer experience. What it's like to be the owner of this car before they actually buy it. And this comes from psychology. This comes from our own human psychology that in order for something to be a reality for something to happen. We have to be able to imagine in her head. I take anything you have bought in the past. Save for example. You bought a vacation right. You bought two tickets to jamaica right before you actually bought two tickets jamaica before he actually planned this trip and bought the accommodations and the flights and everything. Before you actually parted ways with your dollars. Something happened in your head. You actually imagine yourself going to jamaica you envisioned it and that could have happened after you saw an ad and you actually Sauce and pictures and then you thought wow what would it be like to go to jamaica on vacation. You thought about you. Envisioned yourself in jamaica. This is all happening in seconds. Maybe even subconsciously but it has to happen in order for you to make it a reality. You i see it in your head and you're like wow i want that what i see in my head and therefore you go ahead and get it so to make this actual experience real and not just in your head. The car salesman will go on a test drive. Go test drive right. This is what it feels like to sit in this car to commute with this car to be the driver and owner of this car. The reason why this is the most important step is because most buyers don't really care about the details on the features going back to the car example. Most people don't know what two hundred horsepower feels like versus a hundred and eighty five horsepower. So in the selden says hey this cars hundred and twenty five horsepower. Most buyers don't really know what that means. They don't know the difference between a hybrid engine and turbo diesel and all that kind of stuff all they really care about. What is it like to drive and this is a really good metaphor really good example for you to run off. Because what are you doing in your business. Are you rattling off a bunch of technical a bunch of bonuses a bunch of things that they don't really understand fully at the end of the day they just care about the experience and of course the end result so give them the experience. Give him the test drive. So like i mentioned if you're in the services if your coach your consultant even a freelancer one of the best ways to earn business. Suggest get on a call get on a webinar with them and show them what you got coach them. Help them consult for them. So the best designers i've worked with when i was with them on a video call. They actually did. Some design work and critiques. My website right there live. They showed me what they can do. And then therefore. I could envision what this can do for my business. Long-term they're hired. I don't need to think about it if you sell software or even a physical product demo that product show your screen if is a physical product. It's called the home shopping network. That's why when they're selling jewelry on. Qvc they have somebody wearing the jewelry. So you can imagine what it's like for you to wear it. Even if it's on tv any way you can get your customer to go through an experience that a similar to what they will experience as a customer as a paying customer anytime you can have. Your potential customer have an experience at a similar to one after they pay as a pain. Customer. this is the ultimate step in sales. If you can get them to do this most people will buy now. It's not by chance. I know about car sales. My father was in car sales for most of his adult life. i grew up in a car dealership. Okay one of my first jobs was cleaning. Cars in the wash bay in the car wash area for the dealership. Go there every saturday in earn an extra few bucks and my dad would tell me that. It's quite rare that after

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