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Up at the top of the hour right about four minutes after. It's my strawberry letter for today. The subject my fiance is for the streets. But right now. The nephew is here with today's prank phone. Call foot a prank. I'm not for the streets. And frankie booty dr ranko for the prank who drop. Let's go cat dow hello. I'm trying to jordan fleas jordan jordan. How you doing this. K- dove I'm calling you know we somebody's solicited. Your name for us. you know. We are new social media outlet. And we're getting ready to go live tomorrow and eleven Tomorrow morning and we got you know. Look like we're gonna get a lot of followers. There's gonna be a big app so Kinda wanted to see if you would be interested in being a part of the app and what we got going. Well i don't even know who would give you my information. What is it. i don't. I don't know i don't know who who gave us your number or whatever but they just told us you would be good for being on the On the app tomorrow morning. Like i said we go live. So we're trying to get pitches and videos in today so we can get mar- what do you what you want some pictures. Yeah what see. This app is This app car booty drop and what we do is yeah. So what happens. Is people seeing a videotape dropping. Their booty or you can just send a pitcher behind. Have you wanna do it. You know we're gonna make you look real good or whatever but you you know you represent but this is the new social media outlets that people are going to be communicate win but this is booty drive and we're getting ready to drop this tomorrow morning like i say like eleven o'clock tomorrow it'll it's going to go. It's going to go live so you'll be cell phone. Their about booty drop You got me messed up. I drop the booty for nobody but my man. So i don't know who tells you i was going to be on here but i'm not doing booty drop in okay. So how granola hotel. I i vow somebody recommended you know like i say crazy polo. No we got out of slides field except for this one. So i don't wanna i don't wanna have out there and then we ain't got everything we need so we gotta have you to do this. Well there's a lot of booties okay. I'm not the only ones you know. Thank you know angle bootie for. I'm assuming you know. Like i say this. I'm no home but let me ask you this. Evidently you must have a book that people admire. If you know they put so name on here the you must have a book that they admire. you know. i mean. I'm trying to be as gentlemen as possible. You understand what. I'm saying Is is it a reason why you don't wanna you know participate. Why nobody be putting their booty on the internet for no no no okay so let me ask you. You ain't you ain't on none other social media alessio had no pictures on there and then like that a lot with my booty. No so you just trying to tell me that pitches from the waist up. No they're not often the waste. But i'm not about to be flashing my booty and jiggling it for your app but but see. You don't understand what buddha dropped can do for you. Buddha drop buddha drop can bring a lot of attention to you you know you you go you meet a lot of people own this booty drop out. And that's what i'm trying to say. I don't want you to knock it till you try to ask say we put your booty on there for the first week and you see how many hits you get and if you don't like it then we take it that that's how it just kind of. Let me tell you something you know about to put my booty on no out talking about give it a week. You know. I got a brain right. Anybody wants to be looking at about budi for a week on the internet. Get you booty week. that's all saying. Do you gave we good. No not putting my booty on internet so okay. Are you insecure about yourself. I feel great about myself. That's why i can say no. Let me just say this to you now. Wants buddha dropped blow up and become a big time social media then you know social outlet. Then you're gonna be wanna get back on here and i'm gonna be honest takeda. I ain't gonna want your your no more because of the way you act women that well. That's okay you do you will. It's not happening. I'll go ahead and follow y'all tomorrow but i'm not about to be on there so you don't wanna be a star. I'm trying to make you a star is what i'm trying to say i'm all right. I don't think i'm going to be instagram. Star from my duty jiggling. There's plenty of people doing that already. Here you'll find somebody to get best lot under trying to make star. that's great. You know what i'm really. What really wanna know who the told you to call me this more book. Nobody need this. You don't call me talking about you. Want to see my booty better question. do you think you are. This is some bullets. When we don't have time for this you need to call it gonna pay some bills. That's what you need to call talking about. Don't call by no booties. I'm sorry what don't call me talking about no booty call me about. She wanna pay some student loans. So you're trying to pay a car. No they'll call me about you. Ever see my booty on the internet is so ridiculous like what is this book. Okay okay okay. So i guess you'd say to say you ain't gonna drop your booty booty on launching tamar launching a whole lot of buddhist tomorrow and i'm how one space empty you see. The this is a great lesson and being prepared starting early. 'cause you don't encounter some knows brothers. No but really who. I need to know who gave you my number like really who thought that was a good idea. No really because you've got the question on pre. She ate that. I need to know like who ooh like. I said let my my job is to get booted dropped field and i'm missing one booty and here it is now you know hit the day before. I'm learning here. It is now you don't wanna do it. But i need to know who by incredible okay. Tommy one told me you was going to do it. He said you would be up for tommy. Tommy told me you would drop their booty for for our brady job at army tommy nephew. Tommy from the steve. Harvey morning show jordan. You just got pranked by your girl amber. Okay embryo okay. Okay okay okay. Y'all point got my blood pressure up. Okay y'all okay. i'm calm down. Calm down calm down. I see i see you got you got you. I'm sorry you got me. It was a little over here. Okay okay you got me using words. I'm not supposed you know what i'm saying. Oh but dropped okay. Tell me there's no baby before we go. what is the bad it. I mean the bad is radio. Show in the lane. Steve harvey morning show with nephew. Tommy the buddha drop now you know that would be really a really good app. You gotta you gotta really be honest with me by every track. I got a brain nine with this foolishness trying to pay some deals student loan funds need to be doing tommy for real i love it i love it. Doodoo drought. I'm over here. Logan booted missing one. Come moment you gonna leave a brother hanging like this. come all. not talk to yourself at third person k. Don't like tango beat. I'm not going to be one. Do not so stupid birmingham. What's going on down there.

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