Sheryl Underwood addresses Sharon Osbourne leaving 'The Talk'


Piers morgan. I was reading. Where piers. Morgan has said that cheryl underwood should be fired for calling sharon osborne a racist. Now sir listen to me. What should not going to do is change the narrative of what happened first of all sure. Let me just clear this up case. Destroy get legs. Sure under would never call sharon osborne. Racist what cheryl underwood said was the state. Mid that piers. Morgan made was racist. She never called sharon osborne a racist She said that the statement that piers morgan me was racist. See here's what everybody got to take. Let's take this off for second. If megan markle was not black we talking about none of this. None of this wouldn't even be a reason. A story is simply because this woman is black. If the baby didn't have black features if the baby was just a white british lua baby. We did not even story so now. How can it not be racism when the only reason to story is even bought up is because of the race of the woman that child. That's amazing to me man. Now you wanna flip the script internal show shelley no racist right and and how can you. How can you forget what we actually saw with our own eyes on. Tv that was devastating for everyone who watched it. Especially you cheryl. I'm sure i'm absolutely. Oh i'm suffering from. ptsd it is. It is a trauma that i really didn't realize. And that's what we're going to talk about on shell but people are living through these types of traumas every day. That's why with so many people of different races reach out to me because they're going through this trauma

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