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Team for remedied. The first of the team up inhibitors is today in pursuit of new uses for these therapies. Now co one. Eighty life sciences. Woody and his team are pushing. Tanf inhibitors into new indications for inflammatory and vibrato conditions. We spoke to what he about the role of tanf in the inflammatory process the indications his companies pursuing and why these well established drugs have gone untapped for these purposes. Jim thanks for joining us. It's my pleasure to be talking with you today. We're gonna talk about tumor. Necrosis factor or tanf the role. It plays in inflammatory conditions and one hundred and eighty life. Sciences develop new therapies that target. Tanf i'd like to start with a little history though early in your career you served as chief scientific officer and senior. Vp of research and development center core and led the team that developed remedied. The firsthand inhibitor. When you were doing this at what point did the raw potential for tanf. Inhibitors become clear. Will the it's fascinating story in that When i joined santa are chief scientific officer. They had a very very large substance program going on treating patients with sepsis and they had a gm antibody against endotoxin and The day initial data was a little unclear and the fda required them to do in all comers sepsis trial and that failed and senator gore was in big problem. Because of that lot of people it actually hired a salesforce to sell this stuff so We were talking with the clinicians who treat substance patients. They were convinced that it really was tian out. Tumor necrosis factor that was causing the inflammation and the death of these patients. And so we did have an antibody against tanf that was made and we humanized. And i treated about fifty patients with sepsis with this anti and and nothing happened and so the moral of the story is the conventional wisdom was incorrect but we were left with this antibody that was really quite spectacular antibody And at that point. I came in contact with an old colleague that i actually don't agree with dr mark feldman at the kennedy institute of rheumatology london and he had done some experiments with human tissues showing that the rheumatoid arthritis was driven by a series of sight of crimes.

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